Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association

Many people have lived in this area for a long time and we already have long established strong but small communities that naturally grew due to the way our roads were constructed/designed. 

The association was established to bring together local people and hopefully local businesses to share experiences, talents, views and both the joys and pains of where we live in a more formal way and to help give us a greater voice when needed and be able to promote and expand on the wonderful community and improve the area we live in.

The local community is solid with many long-term residents who know the area, know its faults and pitfalls and have strong views on what should and should not be done locally.

This residents/community association was formally established at our inaugural meeting on 27 February 2012.

To see if your road is within the association area, please click on the membership link.


Local businesses were and continue to be welcomed into our Association and contribute to the local area.

Our original constitution remains on our website but we now work differently. This is because our membership has grown to the extent that delivering newsletters by hand is no longer viable and there is no longer anywhere locally large enough to hold meetings locally where everyone can attend.  These factors have meant we could not continue in our original form.

The Association is run by Gail Penfold who is assisted by Street Representatives. Local Councillors from the 3 wards, our 3 safer neighbourhood teams and their two Sergeants, together with various staff from London Borough of Waltham Forest are kept up to date and work with us. 

Our main communication strand is our facebook page.  We also communicate through our website, email and verbally.  We do not pass on any details to other members or third parties without permission in writing. 

We liaise and link in with Stadium Place Tenants/Residents Association.  If you live or work within Walthamstow Stadium you are also automatically members of our group too.

Our Association exists on the goodwill of its members, kindness and contributions from others and the occasionally application to the local council for funding for a street party or something similar.  To date there is no membership fee and where possible events are run free or at a very low cost.

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Residents surrounding Walthamstow Stadium met on 23rd January 2012 to discuss the revised plans that London and Quadrant had submitted.  Waltham Forest Council Planning Staff attended and explained the planning process. It was from this meeting that the residents association is in the process of being formed. 

It is hoped that the association will include the local schools and businesses in the area but a formal vote needs to be taken on this and this was agreed at our inaugural meeting. 

To see if your road is within the association area, please click on the membership link.

This association's original campaigns relate to the inappropriate plans submitted to Waltham Forest Council for plots of land around us including Walthamstow Stadium and the former Stadium Car Park.

As a group we were neither for or against the return of Walthamstow Stadium, either in its previous form, in a different type of leisure use or with appropriate housing, shops and leisure/entertainment facilities.

For members who wish Walthamstow Stadium returned to its prior use there was an additional but separate organisation called Save our Stow whose primary aim is to return Walthamstow Stadium to its prior use.  Their website is http://saveourstow.wordpress.com/

There are varying views within the community on what should happen with the Walthamstow Stadium development, the main bugbear for local residents is the height and density of the proposals submitted by London & Quadrant (L & Q).  Other concerns include the increase of traffic and pollution near a roundabout that is already close to capacity and the lack of infrastructure to sustain such proposals from all the applications including the car park site.