Committee Details 2013-2014

Committee 2013-2014

Chair -----------------------------Gail Penfold
Vice Chair (new position)  Gavin Jones
Treasurer ---------------------   Lloyd Richards
Joint Secretary -------------   Jane Saban and Latchmin Singh

General Committee Members and Street Representatives

Gill Leadbetter
Harjit Patti

General/Occasional Volunteers/Helpers

Pamela Fleisch

Committee Details  Our first Committee

Our First Committee Members 2012-2013

Chair                     Gail Penfold
Secretary               Pamela Fleisch
Treasurer               Robert Giddens

Street Representatives - Adult

Ascham Drive - Brenda Parrish

Empress Avenue - Jackie Murray

Empress Parade, Chingford Road

Grove Park Avenue - Toni Phipps

Nelson Road - Jane Saban and Gill Leadbetter

Rushcroft Road - KB

Wadham Avenue - Karen Thwaites

Walthamstow Avenue n/a businesses only