Update 2014

This Association aims to ensure we have a safe and pleasant area in which to work rest and play where people feel part of a community (fuller details given in our constitution).  We promote a friendly safe environment where neighbours to get to know each other, feel able to raise concerns and to participate when they are able.  We liaise with local businesses, London Borough of Waltham Forest and other statutory authorities and the local Councillors on the 3 wards that our area covers.  Any concerns raised are taken forward where possible and if room for positive change or improvement is noticed suggestions put forward. 

This association's original campaigns related to the inappropriate plans submitted to Waltham Forest Council for plots of land around us including Walthamstow Stadium and the former Stadium Car Park.

As a group we were neither for or against the return of Walthamstow Stadium, either in its previous form, in a different type of leisure use or with appropriate housing, shops and leisure/entertainment facilities and we respected each other views.

January 2013

We were unable to proceed to Judicial Review due to lack of funding and lack of time due to the complexity of the case.  We were unable to secure government funds to pay for this.  We thank QC Jones and Barrister Shaun Wallace for all the work they put into assisting us which was done totally free of charge.

10 November 2012

A good turn out bearing in mind how much was happening both locally and in London today.  More details on our news page.  You can view some of the photos taken by clicking on the link on the right hand of this page

05 November 2012

Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association have today instructed Solicitors in relation to Walthamstow Stadium planning applications.  We intend the matter to be presented before the High Court and are seeking Judicial Review.

10th November 2012 Rally update

The rally is still going ahead and will be used to show there is sufficient public interest for Judicial Review to take place. 

10th November 2012 Rally outside Walthamstow Stadium 1pm

Residents have been invited to meet outside Walthamstow Stadium on Saturday 10th November 2012.

If you do not want the build and design that L&Q have submitted please turn up.

This is residents opportunity to show national media and the government local feelings and individual reactions to the Mayor's decision on Walthamstow Stadium and what local residents want to happen in the locality.

This is an opportunity to show Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government that you want him to take action.

There will be an opportunity for residents to write letters to Eric Pickles asking him to call in the site.  You are also welcome to bring along pre written letters in sealed envelopes with first class stamps and these will all either be posted recorded delivery or hand delivered to ensure your views are heard.

If you have a message you want to get across relating to Walthamstow Stadium bring a placard or banner with your message on it

Message examples

"no to dense housing"
"listen to residents wishes"
"no bmx skatepark please"
"dont take away my right to privacy"
"L & Q build too dense"
"L & Q build too high"
"Dont waste Taxpayer Money"
"Properties the same height as ours please"
"No to demolition of the listed buildings"
"More Jobs mean less unemployment"
"No more duplicate businesses"
"We dont need another gym"
"We need ..........."
"I want ................"

For some local residents this is NOT about a return to greyhound racing but about inappropriate development that will impact daily on local residents lives.

Save our Stow will be campaigning alongside us and if you want the stadium returned to Greyhound racing you are welcome to join in with them.

30 October 2012 Mayor fails to reject L&Q stadium plans

As a group we now either

a) do nothing

b) ask the Secretary of State to intervene

c)  start Judicial Review proceedings

We are now investigating which route to take and hope to be able to update you further soon.

Click on the link below for the the two page letter and then scroll down for the decision documents.

mayors decision documents.pdf

Residents are welcome to email Eric Pickles directly to eric.pickles@communities.gsi.gov.uk.

Make sure you include your name and address in all your correspondence
with the Secretary of State.

A sample letter is below by all means use some or all of it or write your own.

“Dear Mr Pickles,

I’m writing to you as a concerned taxpayer and as a local resident who
will be affected by the plans to ask you to exercise your power as
Secretary of State or Communities and Local Government to call in the
decision by Waltham Forest Council and the Mayor of London to approve
planning for Walthamstow Stadium Chingford Road E4 to be turned into an inappropriate housing estate which is too dense and too high compared to the surrounding properties and the suburban area in which it is sited.

I also believe this development raises serious questions of national importance about value for money to the taxpayer.

In particular, I am deeply troubled by the evidence that this development will lose money for L&Q – who receive public subsidy as a registered social landlord- given their own viability assessment which they sought to keep out of
the public domain shows a loss of £14m. Furthermore, the nature of the
section 106 agreement for this proposal is also unclear and there is a
lack of any social housing in this development. despite being in an area with a need for such properties.

Without scrutiny I am concerned that if this development goes ahead it
may set a new and troubling precedent on questions of value for money
for housing, not just in Chingford but across the country. The existence of a viable alternative that is in keeping with the heritage of this site and would provide not only leisure facilities but also housing and living wage.

Jobs further compounds the concerns I and others have about the decision to approve L&Q’s plans.  As someone who has previously shown a strong interest in this development, please urgently exercise your power as Secretary of State to call in this decision to ensure the public purse is not at risk from this proposal.

You listened to local residents on the local Banbury Park, Billet Road site which you called in, we hope you will listen to and help local residents in creating something that better compliments our area.

I look forward to a positive response and thank you for help in investigating these matters.

Yours sincerely,”

Some Main Issues/Concerns affecting the great majority of existing residents

The height and density of the proposals submitted by ( L& Q) London & Quadrant. Current residents will lose their privacy with most homes being overlooked in some respect and many having no privacy whatsoever.  Too many properties in too small an area.  Waltham Forest had  Cathall Road Estate, the Old Chingford Hall Estate and others demolished. Residents dont want modern versions or high rise blocks.  Locals want the area enhanced not ruined and spoilt.

The increase of traffic and pollution near a roundabout that is already close to capacity. LBWF told residents there is an estimate of 5000 visitors a week to the proposed sports/leisure, 50-60 people collecting children from nursery, vehicles owned by those in the nearly 300 properties proposed, together with their visitors, employees, delivery van drivers, maintenance, refuse/street sweeping etc. Then theres the old Stadium Car Park with all the buses from the depot and the cars from the car showroom, their employees and their visitors and the retail distribution centre with vehicles constantly in and out. That is WITHOUT the 253 flats, their residents and visitors etc for the new estate already being built locally and we havent even factored in the increase in traffic from all those visiting the new GIANT TESCOS which is a 24Hour Tescos being built so nearby. Dont forget just because they live by Tescos doesnt mean they wont shop at Sainsburys or Morrisons.

The lack of infrastructure to sustain such proposals from all the applications including the car park site. There are not enough schools, GPs, Dentists etc to cope with such a dense site. Additionally Waltham Forest has a high unemployment rate without adding to it substantially. There are not enough permanent jobs to sustain such dense populations and there is a fear the borough wont have enough money to keep properties occupied once the benefit reforms come in or indeed to pay benefits that may need to be paid.  We have lost a lot of services and struggle to keep others already without further financial long term or even short term burdens 

Car Parking provided by L&Q in their plans is not only insufficient but nearly all will be"paid for" spaces i.e rented out or leased with very few visitor and disabled bays provided.  Local streets already struggle with parking and there is no "overflow" available into the surrounding streets and no provision for the surrounding streets to park within the stadium development. 

Water Table/Flood Plain issues. Much as L&Q may have protected their site their protection could damage the private land/housing etc that surrounds the stadium.  Their plans could also seriously affect the water table levels that are, according to recent publicity going to substantially rise in the coming years. 

These are just some of the main concerns that will affect the majority of current residents should the build in its current design go ahead.