Walthamstow Stadium Alternative Plans Revealed

At our meeting on 23rd April 2012 Bob Morton's team from SpaceLab presented alternative plans for the main Walthamstow Stadium Site.

The plans were well received with no one publicly stating they disapproved of them.  When one audience member publicly stated they preferred these plans to the current L&Q build there was a round of applause.

You will note that the middle exit onto Rushcroft Road has been removed.

We were given assurances that there will be no nightclub replacing the old Charlie Chans.

The properties are lower than those in L&Q plans

The site is completely enclosed with no access onto Empress Avenue or directly onto the alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road E4.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these plans please email them to us at stow.residents@yahoo.com and we will pass your question on.

You can view the plans here :-    stadium alternative plans1.pdf