Environment Agency response to Walthamstow Stadium Planning Application

Please find below the latest Environment Agency reponse to the Stadium Planning Application.  This response is dated 25 April 2012 and withdraws their objections.

Please take time to read this and send us your comments.

Env Agency letter 25 April 2012 NE-2011-112644-02-L01-1.pdf

Click on the link below to read the previous Environment Agency response.

env agency stadium aug 2011.pdf

We have had an email from the Environment Agency which states "our response to the development at Walthamstow Stadium is a little out of date, and many of the issues have now been addressed by the applicant.  However, it is our most recent formal response to the Council.  In order to address concerns regarding off-site flood risk, our current understanding is that the applicant is investigating options to proceed with the development without
deculverting the Ching Brook as it runs through the site.  Once we have reached agreement with the applicant on this issue we will respond formally to the Council."


Environment Agency response to Car Park Planning Application

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env agency car park oct 11.pdf

The Environment Agency has requested conditions be attached should be planning permission be granted.