This picture shows the middle front of the model facing Walthamstow Stadium whilst standing in Chingford Road. The pyramid shapes represent the skateboard park.  Note the silhouette of the stadium is lost by the building behind even though the height of the first two middle blocks have been dropped by one storey.  Note also the difference in height between the new blocks on the left and right side of the stadium sign.

Below is the left hand side of the stadium. Note how the 7& 8 storey tower blocks rise significantly higher above the stadium frontage, even though they are not near it. The interesting use of extremely tall trees is also worth noting throughout the various pictures, as these give a reduced height impression.   This clearly shows how the 4 storey houses with roof terrace and top floor study tower over the houses in Rushcroft Road & how the middle left set of flats tower over all the houses including the L&Q new build 4 storey ones.

This shows the front right of the stadium.  Note the white building that used to be there with all the windows in it is no longer.  This picture gives a vivid portrait of the towering buildings dominating the Stadium site on the right hand side.

The picture below shows the 8 storey towerblock from the fields/alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road. Note how it dominates and towers over the houses in Empress Avenue & Grove Park Avenue shown on on the left hand side of the picture. This photo was taken at a slight downward angle so the actual domination over the houses will be greater that depicted.

The picture below has been taken from the back of Rushcroft School.  Note how the lack of windows in the model gives the impression that the school will not be overlooked. Again note how the buildings tower over the school buildings. You can see fairly clearly between the trees that this building is right on top of the River Ching.  Over years, rivers tend to meander and change direction.

Another angle from the alleyway across Rushcroft school this time emphasising the impact on the school and Rushcroft Road. Note again the lack of windows gives a sense of privacy and the height of trees which gives the impression the buildings are smaller.

This shows houses in Empress Avenue with the four storey houses behind them, the first level is the roof terraces of the new houses and the second level is the study room on the top of the houses, the third level is the tower blocks in the middle of the stadium. To the right of the picture you have the higher tower blocks note the windows on the top floors are missing and all the flats have balconies overlooking onto Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue

This picture again from a slightly different angle again shows the blocks overlooking onto Empress Avenue and gives a clearer indication of the difference in height between the existing houses and the new build