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Comments/objections must be in by 5pm on the last day of February 2012.  Further information can be found here:-

update:-  the above link has been changed by LBWF.  The link as at 10 May 2012 to the latest and revised documents as at that date is this one

2.   EMD Cinema

This is at appeal stage.  Further objections/comments should be submitted no later than

Friday 24 February 2012 - NOTE the different address for these.

Further information can be found here:-

update 10 May 2012 - this link has been removed by LBWF and no longer works

update September 2012 the revised planning application has been rejected by LBWF

3.   Former Stadium Car Park  Coach Bus/Depot Application ref 2011/0278

Use of rear half of site for Coach/Bus depot for 64 buses/coaches and 38 mini buses with associated, plant storage facility, ancillary office and associated landscaping and formation of access from Walthamstow Avenue Roundabout.

update September 2012.  Approved by LBWF and currently awaiting 2nd Stage decision by Mayor's Office

4.   Former Stadium Car Park  Vehicle Showroom, workshops & parts distribution centre ref  2011/0275

Erection of vehicle showroom, retail parts distribution centre, vehicle workshops and valet servicing/MOT facilities with associated landscaping, new access from Walthamstow Avenue and closure of access opposite Empress Avenue.

update September 2012.  This goes to planning hearing on 12 September 2012.  Once a decision is made by LBWF it will then go to 2nd Stage decision by Mayor's Office.

5.  46 Nelson Road E4 Single storey rear extension Ref 2012/0242
Registered 23 February 2012

6.   2 Loxham Road  E4 8SE Change of use to ground floor for tyre, wheel sales & fitting.
Ref 2012/0363/CLP

This was registered 16 March 2012 as is believed to be the old Harley Davidson Shop

This application was rejected.

7.   45 Empress Avenue E4 8SR  Single storey outbuilding at rear (retention)  Ref 2012/0396

Registered 23 March 2012

8.   Hale End Sports Ground - 2012/0687

updated September 2012 LBWF recommendation is showing as approved with conditions informatives, however the Environment Agency objected to the residential accommodation on the grounds that it is a vulnerable use category within the designated flood plain.  A copy of the objection will be uploaded once we have received it.

We understand that the plans are being resubmitted with the residential accommodation removed from the application.

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9.   48 Empress Avenue E4 8SR -

Loft conversion, two storey and part single storey side and rear extension