Stadium Car Park Peugeot Build

Planning Hearing Speech 12 September 2012

This document is a true account of the speech prepared for application number 2011/0275 to be read out on 12 September 2012 at LBWF Planning Hearing.Items in blue are accompanying notes.  LBWF are asked to pass it on to the Mayor’s office.


We request the application is deferred until a decision is made by the Mayor on Walthamstow Stadium Car Park HCT Bus Depot Application & Walthamstow Stadium L&Q build.

This is because part of the plans rely upon both those applications being approved by the Mayors Office and the items within the plans being instigated and feel any decision would be premature.

As at this morning no approval had been issued.  If the Mayor rejects the Bus Depot or L&Q Application  these Peugeot plans will need to be revised.  As just two examples, this application relies on use of bus depot spaces for employee parking.  The highway and transport improvements depend on the S106 from 3 applications

We also request deferment as the representations from Christ our King parishioners and the priest have not been found or considered and we understand from the Officer’s report there may have been material changes that local residents should have been consulted on but have not. We request the right to further consultation.

(last minute addition)  Having viewed the revised plans tonight these are not the plans residents were consulted on.

We ask you consider our request for deferment before we continue with our concerns.



This scheme does not fully comply with the LBWF Core Strategy and does not fully comply with the London Plan.  We respectfully request that the Planning Committee reject the application.

The Officer’s report is incomplete and inaccurate.

Some Core Strategy items havent been considered or commented on including CS14, CS18 and CS11.

As a historical and archeological site of interest LBWF have failed to consider the planning application against CS14 Tourism and visitor attractions site.

CS18 relating to well designed buildings, places and spaces has not been mentioned in the Officer’s report and CS11 Efficient use of employment land has also been omitted.)

Comments on parking are invalid as there is currently no permission for any CPZ to be installed or reactivated and any CPZ would not be in place by completion of the build

The scheme does not maximise opportunity to deliver additional facilities.  All these are available locally and will take away trade from established local businesses and could have a detrimental effect on the local economy.  There are ample workshops, garages and car repair/parts centres locally.  Previous Peugeot & some other large local sales venues have either changed ownership or closed down including Auto Parts on Chingford Road.  There is concern, especially with the current financial markets that the site will become empty and disused with the proposed buildings not easily amenable to a change of use.

The proposed development is contrary to planning policies in terms of change of use from the D2 classification.

It doesn’t maximise opportunities to deliver additional facilities - these facilities are all ready provided locally.  It is not providing anything ADDITIONAL

The location is not ideally accessible by cycling and walking.

This application fails to promote healthy communities.

This application fails to meet the challenges of climate change

There will be increased CO2 levels and increased pollution in an area where local Residents already suffer one of the poorest air quality in Waltham Forest

The air quality has worsened over recent years.

With the increased emissions from the bus depot and local developments including Walthamstow Stadium, Banbury Park and Highams Place our air quality will worsen further.  A S106 payment just over 20 thousand pounds is not going to improve what we our children and grandchildren breath in every day.  We have a right to decent air quality and reduced pollution levels.

Whilst traffic at night is lower than daytime the air is given a little chance of recovery however with the night working of the bus depot and the Peugeot build the hours the air is given to have any chance of recovery will be minimal.

10.16 is incorrect.  The last use of the car park was as a motorcycle training school and compared to the emissions from that, these plans give a much greater emission.

As previously pointed out by Cllr Siggers this site already fails to meet the required air quality standards.

10 17 and 18 do not convey the true flood risk.  The site is next to a zone 3b and partly in zone 3.  If the principles on other local developments are followed this application does not comply with Core Strategy Policy CS4 (l) which aims to direct developments away from areas at high risk of flooding and aim to achieve an overall reduction in flood risk.

We have more recently had some curtain side vehicles and buses travel along Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue.  These vehicles have already caused damage to the conservation area where vehicles have had to mount over the kerb and onto what was grass in order to pass without damaging local vehicles.  

The hours of operation listed in the Officer’s report show daytime operation yet the application clearly states operations will be for 22 out of 24 hours a day and specifically refers to night time deliveries which will include large transporters and curtain sided HGV vehicles.

No consideration or comment has been given to the residential accommodation next to this build where people sleep. They should not suffer interrupted sleep from various part deliveries and large vehicle transporters arriving and off loading motor cars and vans in the middle of the night and early morning.

This refers to the Catholic residential premises next to Christ our King Church and near the boundary of the Walthamstow Stadium Car Park.


NOTE:  LBWF were made aware we had conditions but would not hear these. Our request for referral was considered part of our 3 minute speech. The chair kept interrupting and I could not read any faster than I did. Residents conditions were ignored and not even heard by the Committee.

Should you decide to approve the application residents insist the following conditions are made.

1. that all operations are confined to the hours of operation as listed within the Officer’s report which are daytime hours

2. that under item 14.4 item 16 that the restrictions of Sunday 10-4pm within the Officer’s report specifically stipulate that this refers to the car sales showroom only.

3. That all delivery vehicles including transporters must unload fully within the confines of the Peugeot Site as near to the entrance in Walthamstow Avenue as possible.  No vehicles should unload on the public highway.

This is because vehicle transporters unloading on Walthamstow Avenue would impede the movement on buses and other HGVS and vehicles into the Bus Depot, Sainsburys and the Holiday Inn Express and could cause a danger to pedestrians crossing Walthamstow Avenue.  Additionally any tailback onto Walthamstow Avenue would have a knock on effect on traffic tailing back into Chingford Road and could block the Billet Roundabout.

4.  That all vehicles being sold from, operating and visiting the site comply with the standards of the Low Emission Zone as this was not included in the Officer’s report and goes towards the sustainability statement.

5.  All vehicles entering the site at night should enter and exit Walthamstow Avenue via the A406 north circular road and not via Chingford Road.

This is to ensure any disturbance to those sleeping within the Church residential accommodation and those living on Chingford Road is minimalised as much as possible.

The hours of operation for the site would be as follows:

(i) Car Sales Mon – Fri 0900 -1800
                     Sat 0900 - 1700
                     Sun (bank holidays) 1000 - 1600

(ii) Workshop Mon – Fri 0800 - 1800
                       Sat 0900 - 1500
                       Sun( bank holidays) Closed

(iii) Parts Sales Mon – Fri 0830 - 1530
                         Sat 0830 - 1130

Final notes:-

Prior to the hearing of our agenda item as it was 10.30pm standing orders were called.  It was agreed by the committee to continue with a number of items still to be heard.

Mrs Penfold offered that the Stadium Car Park item be deferred. Although Cllr Jenny Gray did support this suggestion it was refused by the Chair.

The few councillors comments referred to the Cumulative effect on the local area, including Walthamstow Stadium, Walthamstow Stadium Car Park HCT build and the old TYCO site.

That the Peugeot proposals could not be considered in isolation although that is what the rules say should happen.  There was consensus that "whatever we do it will go to the GLA" (direct quote from Committee member) and the audience were given the impression the decision made by LBWF was irrelevant and did not matter.

A question on the parking spaces within the HCT site for the Peugeot Staff was raised.  The Peugeot representative stated that there was an agreement with HCT in place in line with the 10 year lease however there was room for rights to be re-negotiated.  This raised some concerns.

No questions or comments were made on air quality pollution or any other matter and no consideration was given to the missing objections by Christ our King Parishioners and the residing priest.

Comments made after the hearing by two different people were:

"My dealing with Waltham Forest show it is more incompetence than conspiracy"

"We all knew it would be paid lipservice"

"4-3 as usual"

"There was too much on the agenda for them to give it full consideration"

Mrs Penfold would like to give credit to the Peugeot representative who kindly spent time afterwards with Cllr Paul Douglas and Mrs Penfold to explain in brief detail the new plans which include an entrance only point from Chingford Road before the traffic lights.

Mrs Penfold also thanks Councillor Paul Douglas for his support, especially as the Chair failed to invite him to speak.