Walthamstow Stadium Planning Committee Hearing Results

Voting as expected was 4 labour in favour with 2 conservative and 1 liberal democrat against.

There were four speakers from our Association and Trevor Calver a local resident and friend of our group spoke on Education.

Chair Gail Penfold, Secretary Pamela Fleisch and Street Representative Karen Thwaites covered a number of topics whilst Street Representative Toni Phipps covered the new flood plans that residents have not yet been consulted on and flooding issues.

Although there were two separate applications made, these were heard together.  This meant Mrs Penfold was not allowed three minutes on each application.  Chapel End Ward Councillor Paul Douglas who spoke separately on parking issues kindly read out the Listed Building objections and concerns on behalf of our association.  Without his help this information would not have been heard.

The matter will now be referred to the GLA and the Mayor's Office and we will keep you updated.  Although we dont have full details of the procedures we hope that we are able to speak on behalf of our group again.

Our speeches will be uploaded to the website shortly for all to see.

Links to news articles on this are below


You can view the WF Guardian web blog here that happened as the meeting occurred:-


Walthamstow Stadium Planning Committee Documents for Hearing on 8th May 2012

The following documents are what will be used by the Committee Members to make their decision on 8th May 2012.

Waltham Forest have yet again updated their pages.

Please use the following link to access all the documents.


As a community we are drawing on your expertise to help us represent you at the meeting.

READ  - Please take time to read the attached documents below.

Your views are important to us, please give us your opinions.

Let us know if anything is missing. 

The document linked below is the front sheet which will be used at the hearing on 8th May 2012.

Here is the revised link to the front page


The following link is the background report.  This includes interesting information including historical information and financial information.

stadium 4. 2011.0898 Background Document.pdf

The link below is the Officer's report for planning application 2011/0898 please read it carefully and email your observations to stow.residents@yahoo.com


TELL US -  If you put in comments and/or objections are they listed/included in
the Officer's report. If not please tell us what your comments/objections were by emailing us at stow.residents@yahoo.com

We will add the Officer's report for the listed building application 2011/0907 as soon as we are given the link.

Please also check out the Environment Agency Reponses page as this has been updated and their latest letter contains important information as they are withdrawing their objections.

Here is the link for 2011/0907 that was added on Tuesday 1st May 2012