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Posted by Elvin Box on 23/06/2012   Email

Delighted so many good people are getting behind the excellent campaign to protect Walthamstow Stadium from demolition. Hopefully more people without an E.17 connection will feel equally aggrieved at such an outrageous proposal.

Posted by Trudy Baker on 27/02/2012   Email

I sincerely hope this community can find a compromise with L&Q and the old dog track is developed for much needed social housing.

Posted by Stella Creasy on 23/02/2012   Email

Congratulations on setting up your residents association - look forward to working with you to help improve our local area and save our stow!

Posted by Pam F on 10/02/2012

Great. Have managed to get to the website at last. Will bookmark it so that I can visit regularly. I think L & Q should be asked to take out the trees to give a more honest perspective. To me, it looks like a futuristic prison block!

Posted by Andy Bishop on 10/02/2012

Continuation of message 10 Feb 2012 by Andy Bishop L and Q have claimed over 5000 per week will visit this site plus the 250 or so substainable jobs it will create plus 600 new people. The sums just do not add up someones not telling the truth. The Stow as a major visitor and tourist attraction, major employer and potential genuine community resource will be lost forever with the council receiving all the compensation. Bit long but it has to be said. Good luck to the local residents and keep up the good work.

Posted by andy bishop on 10/02/2012

Is it just me or is this model awful. I would seriously check the scale of the open spaces and the age and height of the trees. Trees in front appear to be on the car park which are ear marked for a bus garage and car dealership. There is absolutely no way this design respects the sites heritage. It has completely lost its art deco appeal. The impact the tote facade had in welcoming all to Walthamstow has gone. The art deco appearance should be sympathetically enhanced and reflected in any new buildings...sadly egg boxes are no substitute. The Urban Development and Design plan produced by the council (without public consultation) under pressure from L and Q's previous architects suggests height could be possible toward the rear of the site. How is this design in anyway sympathetic to local residents and the built environment.? Public car parking allocation of 47 spaces is woefully inadequate. L and Q have dismissed alternative plans as being unviable and unworkable. L and Q have claim

Posted by Jenny on 01/02/2012

What a brilliant start to your website, look forward to seeing it completed