April 2019

Easter Eggstravaganza Sunday 21st April takes place within the Walthamstow Stadium development - Egg decorating Easter Egg hunt, raffle, fancy dress competition for children and optional fancy dress for adults - come along and join in, nothing over £1

08 April 2019 Wadham Avenue Garages Development update

I attended this morning at 7.15 leaving at 9.30am. Two large vehicles arrived way before 8am with others arriving before 9.30am.

I have spoken with Ian from Engie and Richard the site manager. Below are some details on instructions that Engie have issued today

Planning restrictions - Delivery vehicles are allowed to deliver between the hours of 09.30 and 15.30 as per the planning conditions. All suppliers will be made aware and deliveries restricted to the prescribed times. Deliveries arriving before 9.30 will be turned away and held off site. Deliveries arriving after 3.30pm with be turned away and required to return the following day between 9.30am and 3.30pm.

The gate and pedestrian entrances will be signed ‘NO PARKING’ ‘EMERGENCY ACCESS 24/7’

Site contact details will be posted for local residents to see.
All sub-contractors are to be advised of the parking situation at Wadham Avenue, and requested to park off site.

Vehicle Idling will stop.

Saturday working will NOT be permitted other than for minor works non-noisy low impact works such as site cleaning, road sweeping, general maintenance.  No large numbers of operatives.

Any major works that may have to happen on a Saturday will now only be considered if there is no other choice available.  It will have to be requested with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance so that Engie can give residents 7 days notice minimum.   The only other reason would be for "Emergency" related works e.g unsafe condition requiring immediate action regardless of the time of day.

There will be security on site outside normal working hours.
It is extremely important that residents/visitors do not park under any circumstances in front of the site gates.  Access is required to the site 24/7 for the emergency services.  Especially the fire brigade.

No works will take place through the Easter Weekend - Good Friday to Easter Monday inclusive.

February 2019  

We celebrate our 7th birthday on 27 February 2019.

I hosted the first "business meeting" of 2019 in February where we bring together police, waltham forest council and our local businesses. 

The new gym is expected to open in June, the allotments within Stadium Place are being run by Organiclea and there is no firm date set for the opening of the nursery.  Work continues on the Wadham Road development and the scaffolding within Walthamstow Stadium is due to be removed fully by May when all replacement cladding works will be finished.

January 2019 We are pleased to announce that Darren Lupton is the first ever Chairperson of Stadium Place Tenants/Residents Association.  L&Q decided they needed to follow conformity.   All Stadium Place residents are automatically members of our Association too.  We look forward to working with this new group in the future.

Welcome to 2019 & Waltham Forest Borough of Culture 2019.

NEWS - 2018

Wishing everyone a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and New Year

December 2018

On 13th December 2018 Gail made history by being the first every resident to give a 3 minute public speech at LBWF full committee hearing that was videoed and placed on Youtube.

She spoke on disabled parking issues and again pushed for the CCTV cameras.  You can view the full meeting here

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Changes to Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association.

It has been decided that it is no longer feasible to hold AGMs this is due to the inability to find a local venue large enough to accommodate everyone.

The Association will continue under the leadership of Gail Penfold who continues to work with Street Representatives and liaise with our local businesses, LBWF and Metropolitan Police.

The Association will be mainly online.  It is no longer possible to deliver newsletters to every member.

There is no intention to have a membership fee.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey.  The results confirmed that local residents wish the Association to continue.

It is envisaged that a more interactive website is the way forward and all households will be informed as and when we have the knowledge, technology and the funds to proceed with this.  Our aim is for this to be free.  In the meantime work continues and contact is either through the facebook page which is our main news outlet but we will continue to update this bt website periodically.  As always you can email us at

Dont forget to join our facebook group copy/paste these details

Dont forget to join our facebook group copy/paste these details

Have you completed our survey yet? 

Here is the link

May 2018

Elections Update  Our Association Area Councillors for the next few years are :-

Chapel End Ward - Paul Douglas Louise Mitchell and Steve Terry all Labour & Co-operative Party

Larkswood Ward - John Moss Selina Seesunkur and Catherine Suamarez all Conservative Party

Valley Ward - Jemma Hemsted and Alan Siggers Conservative Party and Labour's Elizabeth Baptiste

Turnout for the borough was just under 38% leaving 62% of eligible voters who did not exercise their right to vote.

You can view the full election results here

Elections -  If anyone needs a lift to their local polling station please contact us via our facebook page or by email.

Street Party update  from the Chair "I have not organised an Association wide street party for the Royal Wedding as I felt it would be unfair on those partaking in Ramadan which starts on 15th May and with the election Perdah I was unable to secure money from the Council Community Funds in time to arrange something for 13th May prior to the commencement of Ramadan.

New telephone text scam. Text gives name of bank/building society at the top. Mine said "Nationwide" where you would normally see the telephone number of the sender. 

Message reads "Hi there, thanks for downloading the Nationwide Banking app on 20:11 BST on 01 May 2018. If this wasn't you please give us a call on 0800 302011"

The time of supposedly downloading the banking app is the same time as the text is sent to your phone.

Be aware that the 0800 number is the correct number for nationwide but do not click on it to quick dial. If you get a nationwide text contact their fraud section on 0800 464 3051.  If its from another bank or building society look the number for their fraud section up and ring that number.

April 2018

New CCTV camera Cavendish Path

Some complaints are being received regarding a new cctv camera in close proximity to the L&Q camera.  Enquiries are being made and and update will be given when definitive answers have been received. - Update the new camera is an L&Q camera which is in a fixed position watching the public highway near the entrance to Cavendish path  instead of watching L&Q land.  Anyone aggrieved by this should contact The Information Commissioners Office

WS CPZ Update

LBWF have advised that the review will take place in November 2018

Wadham Garages Planning Application Approved

The Chair on behalf of our Wadham Avenue members and a representative from London Playing Fields Foundation attended to make representations regarding this planning application. 

Unfortunately there was little that could be appealed on mandatory grounds however the Councillors on the committee did listen and take in our concerns.

London Playing Fields Foundation did an excellent job in presenting valid objections and stated there was a far better alternative as did the Chair.  Councillor Siggers also stated he felt the plans meant site over-development and agreed there could be a better alternative.

Councillor Siggers followed up on the point regarding the narrowness of access and pedestrian safety.

Our chair requested that should the development be approved that money was given towards a solid path between Wadham Avenue and Cavendish Path.  S106 money does not apply due to it being a council development.  Councillor Terry who is also a Chapel End Ward Councillor, raised valid points and tried very hard to get some monies for this.  Although unsuccessful within this actual application, a reassurance was given after the meeting that consideration will be given to adding this request to the specific items that the Community Infrastructure Levy (similar to a section 106 payment) may be spent on.  So we could get this funded in the future.

Once various matters were discussed however, as expected the plans were agreed.

On this occasion the planning committee listened to our Association representations and did make some alterations which include a restriction on deliveries to and from the site, so these will only take place between 9.30am and 3.30pm.  This should protect children going to and from school and mean residents travelling to and from work are not inconvenienced by large vehicles blocking the road preventing residents from getting to and from their homes.  It should also stop any tailbacks onto the Billet Roundabout during rush hour.

The applicants representative asked to meet with Mrs Penfold after the decision.  A number of items were discussed including a request for monies towards the Wadham Avenue Street Party.  Residents should expect newsletters from the developers at appropriate times.   It would agreed they would keep in touch and meet again prior to commencement of construction works.  

March 2018

Addison Lee Update  In a letter to residents from Arsenal, Addison Lee & Arsenal have apologised for the inconvenienced caused by minicabs in certain roads.  Addison Lee have given compensation to those residents affected. 

Clocks Change 25th March  Dont forget Clocks go forward overnight - officially 1am on Sunday 25 March 

Former Regal Cinema Hale End Road In a few years the Regal Cinema will re-open as a cinema being operated by Rio. Just a short walk along Cavendish Path for many of our members. Good to see a local entertainment venue is not being demolished. Good news too on the increase in affordable housing.

Billet roundabout resurfacing requests   I have still been unable to get anything done regarding the deteriorating state of the road surface

February 2018

27 February 2018  Today we celebrated the 6th anniversary of our inaugural meeting but now need to find a way forward as there is no venue large enough without our zero budget to hold large meetings.  We now look for a way forward and ask for your views so please complete our survey although we ask you to state your road name, the survey is completely anonymous and we need your views.   In place of an AGM an extraordinary meeting will be held to make any necessary changes.

Addison Lee

This company have been contacted due to the problems and inconvenience being caused to some of our members and compensation requested.  Any reports regarding Addison Lee vehicles must be accompanied by the vehicle registration number, location and time.

Street Parties - if your road would like a street party please email us at


The number of complaints regarding Uber minicabs have drastically dropped however if you live in Stadium Place please ask your driver not to stop in adjacent roads and your visitors to respect the surrounding roads.  The banging of car doors and vehicle engines idling particularly in the early hours of the morning is being reported as anti social behaviour by some residents.  It is understood a drop off point within stadium place has been allocated and should be used.  Uber now have stadium place and parade gardens within their system so there should be no need to order minicabs to adjacent roads.

ULEZ - Correction - the ULEZ is currently showing as taking in part, not all of Waltham Forest.   Councillor Clyde Loakes has stated that Waltham Forest want the whole of the borough to be included.

AGM - there will not be an AGM this year.

Wadham Garages update

The planning application is in and you can view the latest design on our facebook  page

January 2018

There is a leaflet being delivered to all households regarding a new LEZ/Congestion zone taking in the whole of Waltham Forest. Please make sure you respond to the consultation. 

Interestingly its supposed to be about reducing pollution however the Mayor wants to exclude the A406 North and South Circulars. It also looks as if anyone with a diesel vehicle older than 2015-2016 will need to get rid of it or incur huge costs when this is brought in. Just wonder whether this is actually about reducing pollution or more about generating more income. Please read the documents carefully and make sure you have your say."

Wishing all our members every good fortune for 2018

News 2017

Grit now Available Empress Avenue

The grit bin has been delivered to Empress Avenue near the entrance to Cavendish Path. Local side roads and alleyway are not normally gritted by LBWF. I have a shovel to borrow should anyone wish to help themselves to grit the roads/pavements and any front garden paths or the alleyway Cavendish Path. If you have elderly/disabled neighbours please keep an eye now temperatures are dropping.


Here are the latest documents received from London Borough of Waltham Forest on 29 November 2017.  No planning application number has been allocated yet.   If this development affects you please study the drawings and documents carefully.  

You can view the plan here wadham ave garages plan 114 A Stage 3 Site Plan.pdf

Letter from Sonia Gibson Ltr-Wadham Ave-update-Nov2017.pdf

November 2017

Waltham Forest Police continue to patrol our Association area and have recently seized one vehicle.  Coming up to Christmas burglaries and distraction crime are increasing in our borough so please be extra vigilant and help keep our areas the safest in Waltham Forest by reporting anything suspicious. 

DVLA Enforcement are also working locally at the moment so please ensure your vehicles are taxed and insured to avoid any nasty surprises.

We welcome a new business owner to our Association.  Cuma runs Hugs with Mugs Cafe and Shop situated within the Walthamstow Stadium Development.  Opening hours are 8am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sundays.

HugswMugs Cafe opened for business on Saturday 25 November 2017.  The official opening takes place from midday on Saturday 2nd December.  All welcome.

Congratulations to Cuma on the opening of his shop in Parade Gardens.

The shop is open daily Monday to Saturday 7am to 10pm
and Sunday 8am to 9pm.

The shop has everything from pens to nappies, cakes, alcohol, batteries to ice cream, dog food and cat litter. The milk range includes two types of Alpro soya milk. If you smoke there is a choice of 28 brands but these are not displayed so ask staff who are only too happy to help. 

Please let staff know your favourite brands of any stock so they can cater to your needs.  

Cuma is currently in negotiation with various providers and hopes in the near future to be able to supply local residents with lottery tickets, newspapers and a paypoint facility to include mobile phone top ups.

He hopes to have the Hugs and Mugs cafe open within the next two weeks so we will update you when we hear from him again.

October 2017

Happy Halloween - pictures available on our facebook page

Uber - Stadium Place now appears on the Uber app - please see our facebook page for full details.

Fireworks - please read:-

Fireworks are now on sale. If participating please ensure you get the correct ones for the distance between where you intend to let them off and where your audience/family friends will be located. A guide is listed below to help you. 

If your neighbours have pets, let them know what time and day/days you will be setting the fireworks off so they can ensure their pets are safely indoors. 

Ensure any pets you have are kept indoors too. Be careful where you purchase your fireworks from ensuring you are buying genuine and not fake.

There are three types of firework available to the public. 

Category 1 - Indoor Fireworks.

Category 2 - Garden Fireworks.

Category 3 - Larger Garden / Display Fireworks.Category 2 & 3

Category 2 Fireworks are suitable to use in smaller gardens and carry a MINIMUM safety distance of 5 metres

Category 3 Fireworks are generally larger and you need a MINIMUM 25 metre safety distance to use these, however, 30 metres or more is far safer for Category 3 fireworks, not just on safety grounds, but also because if you stand too close to larger fireworks you can't appreciate them as much.

Wishing everyone a safe Firework Night when it arrives

Walthamstow Stadium Development Postcodes

Here is the correct list of postcodes for properties within Stadium Place.




2 to 39 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8BJ

41 to 46 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8BJ

48 to 53 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8BJ

55 to 59 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8DF


65 and 66 PARADE GARDENS. E4 8DF

68 to 77 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8DF

79 to 88 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8DF



95 to 98 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8EB

100 to 112 consecutive. PARADE GARDENS. E4 8EB







































September 2017

CPZ update

Permanent occupants of the following properties will be eligible to purchase permits to park in Walthamstow Stadium CPZ) -

Ascham Drive, E4 – all properties; 

Fairview Villas,Chingford Road E4 – Nos. 1 to 12; 

Empress Parade, Chingford Road,E4 – all properties; 

Rowden Park Gardens, Chingford Road, E4 – No 31 to 38; 

Empress Avenue E4 – all properties; 

Grove Park Avenue, E4 – all properties; 

Loxham Road E4 – all properties; 

Minerva Road, E4 – all properties; 

Rushcroft Road, E4 – all properties including Rushcroft Sport Centre;

The formal notice was published in Waltham Forest News and The Gazette on 4 September 2017.  Residents have 21 days from 4th September 2017 to take any action they see fit please read the Notice.  Here is the link

The correct letter regarding the CPZ is the one dated 4 September 2017 which can be viewed here WS CPZ- Permit Application Letter final appology (1).pdf

The letter to residents regarding the CPZ dated 20th July can be viewed here Resident Information letter to Grove Park Avenue final.pdf

This document shows the planned works Programme for lining works.pdf

This shows the CPZ map  Walthamstow Stadium CPZ map.pdf

Results of both consultations can be viewed below 

Walthamstow Stadium Consultation Results (2).pdf

Walthamstow Stadium reconsultation results.pdf

August 2017

Quick update 22 August - The Walthamstow Stadium Clock is working again and the cctv cameras installed.

The next letter from LBWF regarding WS CPZ will hit doorsteps on Friday 1st September 2017.  

The CPZ and associated works are expected to commence 4th September. Please ensure you adhere strictly to any temporary parking restrictions and check signs daily as it is a rolling programme of works. 

Vehicles are being ticketed and/or lifted both within Walthamstow Stadium by their team and in surrounding streets by LBWF parking enforcement contractors and the DVLA. Please park legally and ensure your vehicles have valid tax mot and insurance. 

Finally be mindful where you walk because for the first time local streets are experiencing dog faeces problems as there appear to be new dog walkers in the area who are failing to scoop the poop and dispose of it properly.

CPZ & Petition - Councillors Steve Terry (Chapel End Ward) and John Moss (Larkwood Ward) are continuing their efforts to ensure a CPZ that meets residents needs is implemented.  The CPZ will be installed in September 2017. LBWF and Councillors have been made aware of the late night and early morning problems caused by staff from HCT/CT Plus drivers.  If you are unhappy with the current CPZ plans email and your councillors.

REFUSE/RUBBISH COLLECTION PROBLEMS - Problems are ongoing with green recycling waste bins rarely being emptied on the correct day of collection.  If you bin is not emptied on the correct day you can report this online or telephone 020 8496 3000

CRIME - Please double check that you have locked your vehicles when parking locally and report anyone suspicious to 999. Vehicles are again being targetted and damaged in the local area.

FACEBOOK- Our Association page has been reinstated copy and paste this link and join us now

Authorised Street Collection - The Red Cross will be carrying out door to door collections in Waltham Forest during August.

Message from the Chair -   I will be unavailable from 14 August to 8 September 2017.  As some of you know I have been unwell for some time and am waiting on a few operations.  The one on my voicebox is happening soon.  By all means wave and speak to me but do not be offended if I dont answer back as I wont have any voice for a while after the operation.   During this period if you need help or advice please contact your street representative, London Borough of Waltham Forest, Police or Councillors as I will be unable to assist.  Thanks for your understanding.

Street Representative for Stadium Place -  We are pleased to announce that Justine Fletcher has kindly agreed to represent Stadium Place residents and joins us as a Street Representative.  It is hoped in the future that we will have a representative from each section/block within the Stadium to ease the workload.  Anyone interested in representing their apartment block can email us at

July 2017

CPZ & Petition - Letters regarding the WS CPZ are being delivered week commencing 17th July 2017.  A response regarding the petition on hours of operation has been received stating that the petition has been placed on the review file, so it looks as if our requests have been ignored and wont be implemented when the CPZ is brought in.  

REFUSE/RUBBISH COLLECTION PROBLEMS - Vehicles parking on the corners of Grove Park Avenue on the slip road part towards Wadham Road are the cause of Green reycling bins not being emptied in Grove Park and Empress Avenues.  The situation has caused problems for the last 3 weeks. Anyone whose bin has not been emptied has to telephone in to LBWF individually by dialling 020 8496 3000.

CRIME -  The Chair will no longer be reporting crime on behalf of other residents.  If you see anything untoward as it is happening dial 999.  If you feel it is not urgent dial 101.

FACEBOOK- Our Association was deleted by Facebook on 15 July 2017.  No email, no explanation and a lot of hard work together with important information has been deleted. There are no plans for this to be reinstated and interestingly no apparent way to formally complain about their actions.

June 2017

Update from Waltham Forest employee Andrew Bourke

I can confirm for you that the advertisement of TT16(17) is the advertisement of the temporary restrictions which is valid for 7 months and is a required tool for any implementation of lining works to enable the council to legally restrict parking to enable the lining works to be undertaken. We normally advertise this temporary traffic management order (tmo) after the PLM report has been agreed, this was completed on the 4th of April 2017. As part of the PLM dated 4th April 2017 we were required to re-engage with the roads that voted against the controls and asked if they wanted to be included due to the split result of the initial consultation. I can confirm  that the re-engagement PLM report signed off  yesterday and we will be looking to notify residents in the coming weeks of the outcome of the re-engagement. This letter will list which roads will be included, a  map of the CPZ area  and the next steps forward and expected time line for delivery. I can reassure you that this advertisement TT16(17)  is not the TMO describing the CPZ.  The CPZ TMO has yet to be advertised, residents will be notified by letter ahead of the advertisement (in keeping with our standard policy) so residents can inspect or object to the TMO if they so desire, the letter will state the date that TMO is to be advertised and usually goes out about 1 month ahead of the CPZ going live. As you have pointed out all the roads of the original CPZ have been advertised. This does not mean that all the roads will be included in the CPZ. As per our site meeting earlier this year with yourself and other local residents there are a  number of problematic locations dotted across all the roads within the extents of the original consultation. As a result of this meeting these locations have been mapped out and have included in this temporary TMO advertisement so when we undertake  the CPZ implementation we will be able to address all these problematic locations at the same time to minimise disruption and maximise benefits to residents.

Confusion over "notice" issued in Waltham Forest News Edition 12 June 2017

A notice in the newspaper issued by LBWF has caused quite a stir locally, with some residents under the impression decisions have been made without informing us of the outcomes.  It is quite obvious the the notice has caused a number of residents to interpret the content in different ways.

A lengthy email has been sent to LBWF with copies to Cllr Loakes and Chapel End and Larkswood Councillors.  It requests urgent clarification as to which roads will be included in the CPZ and a simple explanation of the exact purpose of the notice TT16(17).

Once a reply has been received the website will be updated again. 

Confirmation is awaited but it appears this notice is intended to legalise the single and double yellow lines in the area so that they can be enforced.

As at Friday 23 June, the process for completing everything to do with the CPZ is still ongoing and final decisions as to roads being included in the Walthamstow Stadium CPZ and the times of operation have not yet been concluded and "signed off".  

May 2017

Two new exciting facebook pages

For all Association members  If you live on Stadium Place please join us and enjoy the larger community.

For Stadium Place residents particularly to raise L&Q issues etc

The Association fb page will ask you some security questions.  This is to ensure you live within the Association area.  Any problems by all means send a message via our website.  On here you can advertise private items for sale, ask for help, ask questions relating to the area we cover and get updates.  This has been set up for a second time due to some local residents asking for it.

The second page which you will find out has a very similar name has been created by a stadium resident and gives those living in the new development a place to discuss L&Q issues.  It is hoped they will be members of both groups.  We already link into this group.

24 May 2017 Meeting with L&Q Property Manager

Here is the information from our Chair who wishes everyone a pleasant bank holiday weekend.

1. Lighting

L&Q given 4 suggested locations for extra lighting.  The lighting installation is not yet complete and they are aware of the issues during the hours of darkness

2.  CCTV
This is in the process of being installed.  

3. Late Night safety -including issues relating to groups of youths gathering by the two access ways - nearest the school.and the bridge

4.  Motorbikes and Graffiti -New issues to longstanding locals and the Arsenal.  Graffiti appearing regularly on arsenal alleyway wall with graffiti on side of 48 Empress Avenue shown to you.  Motorbikes causing nuisance late at night riding across the bridge and up and down the alleyway.

5.  Perceived increase in crime -L&Q have dealt with issues relating to ball games and the smoking of illegal substances.  If you are aware of any other crime/criminal activity on site by all means use our contact us page to provide details.

6.  Crime Prevention -Neighbourhood watch discussed. Apparently L&Q do not normally request this.  I asked whether L&Q would fund smartwater for their residents and this suggestion will be looked into.

7.  Front indoor leisure centre -I asked for clarification as different people were saying different things. L&Q will get back to me on this. 

8.  Parking -There are no plans for marked disabled bays but there will be a pay and display car park on the first floor (in front of the Dog sign) for use by everyone who wishes to pay but main use is expected by for leisure centre users.

I explained some stadium residents have been told they will be able to buy on street permits in surrounding roads when the controlled parking zone comes in and asked if this could be put right if L&Q were distributing a newsletter to stadium residents.  You advised there were no plans for a newsletter or local meeting until all properties were occupied.

9.  Piano from Charlie Chans - We discussed the piano going into where the Climbing Wall was to go and it could be temporarily stored in the sales unit.  

10.  Bridge Issues
Noise particularly at night due to surface type and bridge "springiness" from people walking over the bridge.

Safety issue regarding lack of continuous footway and lack of fencing.  I pointed out two areas where people could possibly trip on the small kerb and fall into the "pond" and suggested temporary measures be looked into and put in place until plants mature enough to remove risks.
Area under bridge - stagnant water gnats etc.  I pointed out this "dip" had been planted but originally was going to be a pond area.    Water not draining away.  Sides starting to collapse and waterlogging needs investigating.

11. Allotments
Awaiting final details as to who will manage this.

12. Vehicle speed onsite -We discussed the 5mph speed signs and the excessive speeds reached within the development.  

13. Nursery traffic -Concerns on how this will self manage once the nursery is open due to drop off/pick up points at front.

14. Drainage at front of stadium
The person I met with was unaware of any drainage/waterlogging at the front so if you see this recur please let me know so I can photograph and provide proof.

15.  Specific resident boiler issue
I was advised this has been fully resolved but have no direct contact with the resident.  If you know who this is please ask them to email if it is not resolved.

16.  Security Issues - protecting property - various issues were discussed with suggestions given.

17.  Moving forward working together
It has been confirmed and I now know the reason that our Association welcome letters were not given out as agreed.  It appears L&Q want a separate residents group just for stadium residents.  Apparently this is normal for all L&Q "estates". I have pointed out that our Association is unusual because most are not a combination of privately owned and rented properties where streets work together and the area is unusual too. We discussed whether there was a need for two separate associations and how this could create division when it was important to create a community that mingles rather than segregation. We both recognised that the area is different from "the norm" and that there should be a way forward to work together.  rather than duplicate work and that we would discuss this again.

Personal opinion - As our Association aim has been to bring 3 isolated areas together I am quite disappointed that they had not said anything about this to me or our Association.  As a community my personal opinion is the more of us there are, the louder voice we have.  The stadium is just one of a few new arrivals within our Area,  we have welcomed Peugeot, HCT and The Tyre Shop together with new residents within existing streets over the years since we started.  Within the Association some roads get together to discuss road specific issues as do the local businesses, so I do not see why that cannot apply to Stadium Place residents and businesses too.

Petitions - final chance to sign

The petition for extended CPZ hours is being submitted on 26 May 2017 if you have not signed this and wish to please email your address to

The petition specific to works in Empress and Grove Park Avenue will be submitted on 26 May 2017 if you have not signed this and wish to please contact the chair or email your address to

Warm Weather reminder Please remember to ensure all windows particularly on the ground floor are kept closed if you are not in the room.  Burglaries are still occuring locally, make sure back doors in particular are secure and do not leave keys, laptops and other valuables in sight.   Chapel End Safer Neighbourhood team have recently been leafleting residents as a reminder to remove dashcams and ensure nothing is left in sight to tempt theft from vehicles.   Please be aware that there are thieves in the local area that do check car door handles and boots.  Stand next to your vehicle when you lock it and double check everything is secure before walking away.  Remember there is technology out there that can clone your electronic key code.

Dog and Duck  Although outside our area, this has re-opened with new management. There are rumours of a dress code and some possibly racist behaviour by the "bouncers/ doorstaff".  Anyone experiencing any issues who lives within the association area can message details of any incident through our "contact us" page.  It is to be noted that the management state they have a zero tolerance to racism.  Anyone can report racism directly to the police on 101 or where life is threatened by dialling 999.

Facebook A new resident in Stadium Place called Mario has created a facebook page called Walthamstow Stadium Residents.  Although currently totally separate to our association and the similar name is a little worrying,  members of our Association are welcome to join this page and in our great community spirit encouraged to do so.

Water Board Scam  If anyone knocks on your door stating they are from the Water Board - please contact 999 immediately.  Residents are advised to contact all their utility suppliers and ensure their accounts have passwords.  That way, if someone knocks on your door saying they are from electric, water or gas services, you have the extra protection of refusing entry due to failure to provide passwords.

CPZ update  Two petitions now in circulation - the first relating to the CPZ requesting extended hours 7.30am to 10.30pm daily.  The second relating only to Empress Avenue an Grove Park Avenue relates to alternative parking arrangements and road/pavement maintenance.  Anyone wishing to help with obtaining signatures for either of these should use our website contact page giving name, address and telephone number.

Apology from L&Q/Quadrant Construction -  Apologies have been received from L&Q relating to emergency works that had to be carried out within the stadium development on Sunday and Bank holiday monday.  These were due to an underground water leak.  We have been informed there are no plans to work over the bank holiday at the end of May or outside the permitted hours as given in the planning consent.  Residents are welcome to message the association if working is seen on Saturday afternoons after 2pm, on Sundays or on bank holidays.  No works on a week day basis should extend past 6.30pm

Business Meeting A meeting was held with local businesses within our area.  This was arranged due to the number of management changes in businesses, partly as a meet and greet but also to discuss issues. Topics discussed included, parking, travellers and working together.  Sainsburys had two instore announcements with Argos and a Sushi Bar both opening in May.  Anti social behaviour issues included matters relating to travellers, graffitti, drug dealing,  inconsiderate parking and road rage.   Councillors from Valley Ward were unable to attend so any thanks to Councillor John Moss who attended and agreed to take the minutes.

April 2017

CPZ coming this year Letters have been delivered confirming the CPZ will be implemented this financial year.  For those who have received letters it is important to return them.  For residents wanting the hours increased please state 7am-10pm or 7am to midnight in the comments box.  Please ensure you have your say and return the forms by 12 May.  A petition to extend the hours to start at 7.30am and end at 10.30pm is being compiled to ensure it meets the criteria help has been sought.  The reason for the hours are to prevent bus depot personnel parking because it is only closed between 2am and 4am daily and to ensure residents who want to attend meetings or socialise in the evenings have an opportunity to park on their return.  Neither a 630pm or 8pm finish accommodate all of this.

CPZ update  The report by the council has been completed and residents should expect to receive a letter from LBWF during the week after Easter.  Delivery is expected to take place on Tuesday 18 April 2017.    Wishing you all a pleasant break.

March 2017

Walthamstow Avenue update 21 March The area from the traffic lights to the junction between the bus depot and Holiday Inn Express is being completely double yellow lined. The length of Walthamstow Avenue that runs parallel with the North Circular Road A406 will be single yellow lines operational Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm.  Our Association were not consulted  but have today raised concerns with LBWF as to the additional problems this will cause for local residents as the bus depot staff will no longer be able to park on Walthamstow Avenue during the daytime.

Meeting with local businesses A meeting is being arranged for all businesses within our area. Date time and venue is on our Events page.

Walthamstow Avenue update 14 March  A temporary arrangement allowing CT Plus to park some of their vehicles in Sainsburys Car Park for a few hours every night on a short term basis has now been agreed with Sainsburys. The extra vehicles will be moving to Bow shortly.

Apologies from Sainsburys. The alarm sounding this afternoon is due to a fault from the Sainsburys Car Wash and nothing untoward to worry about. They hope to have this silenced soon but are experiencing difficulties.

Speed Humps Wadham Road - The small squares are being replaced by speed humps/sleeping policemen that cover the whole width of the road and no, we were not consulted.  Within the walkabout (see below) an extra speed hump was requested  between exiting from the Billet Roundabout into Wadham Road and the junction with Grove Park Avenue.  This in conjunction with new a keep clear box aims to both slow down the speed of traffic exiting the roundabout and giving a better chance to safely turn right from Grove Park Avenue onto Wadham Road.

Walthamstow Stadium - The new Property Manager has contacted the Association and is looking forward to working with us in the future.  Many properties are now occupied/sold. We are aware some residents and visitors are parking in surrounding streets adding to the parking problems and this is one of the topics for discussion when we meet.  The walkway into alleyway between Walthamstow Stadium and Empress Avenue will be open for public use within the next two months.

CT Plus/HCT bus depot - There have been complaints regarding large numbers of vehicles from this depot being parked in and adjacent to Sainsburys Car Park, particularly the CT Plus minibuses.  This matter has been taken up with Senior Management.  We are also aware of the ongoing and increasing parking issues caused by staff parking their private cars in local streets.  This has been raised with the Planning Department & Local Councillors as it was understood this would not impact on the local area..  The depot has a new manager and your Chair hopes to meet with him/her soon. The negotiated local agreement whereby none of their business vehicles will use Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue as a cut through to avoid the Billet Roundabout etc. overall is working well, with the occasion glitch.

Peugeot Robins & Day Dealership - There have been a few complaints about untaxed vehicles that are being parked in local streets for weeks on end. We have a local agreement that the dealership does do not park any vehicles for sale in our roads.  Any vehicles where the registration make model colour and exact location are supplied are checked with the dealership to see if they have been sold on and the appropriate authorities informed. None of the vehicles reported in the last month were related to this dealership.

Penrhyn Surgery - For any residents/local business staff who have Penrhyn Surgery as their GP practice please be aware that the new controlled parking zone from Billet Road to Penrhyn Avenue comes into force on 10 April 2017.

Proposed CPZ walkabout - A walkabout with Andrew Bourke London Borough of Waltham Forest, Principal Engineer, Highways and Traffic Management took place on 10th March 2017 with representatives from Empress Avenue, Grove Park Avenue, Rushcroft and Minerva Roads.  Issues covered included the proposed controlled parking zone, misuse of disabled bays, parking problems caused by Walthamstow Avenue Business staff and Addison Lee minicabs, traffic calming during rush hour to reduce the number of road rage incidents/anti social behaviour, roadsigns/markings, suggestions to create additional parking, cycling and pedestrian & pushchair/mobility scooter issues.  Many thanks to Andrew for spending over 2 hours with local residents.  Andrew has agreed to inform the Association of the consultation results in due course.

The deadline for responses to the CPZ consultation has been extended.  Responses now need to be into LBWF no later than Friday 10th March 2017

Protect your cards and passports - I would like to make you aware of a recent scam whereby perpetrators are using a card reading equipment to swipe money from contactless debit/credit cards as you go about your daily business without needing to know your PIN number. The same skimming machines can be used to swipe identity details from the chip on new passports. The perpetrator only needs to stand near you to be able to swipe cards/passports and the technology can penetrate wallets, clothing, bags, purses, etc. The technology has been made readily available and cheap online and can be concealed easily.With almost all new debit and credit cards now being made contactless, I would like to tell you about CARD DEFENDERSJ They are a small sleek wallet that your cards and passport can fit into that block the technology used for identity theft. The card defenders fit perfectly into your wallets/purses or travel bags and don’t add any extra bulk. They are to protect you from scammers! Card defenders can be bought from many retail and security/crime prevention sites and even some banks offer it for free.Please protect yourselves and advise others.Report any suspicious activity to police.Regards,

February 2017

Scam - A waltham forest resident has reported that he recently received a telephone call from a unknown caller who knew he was in council tax band D for his property. They stated that he was in the wrong rateable value band and offered for a fee of £65.00 they would contact the council and get a refund back dated from 1999 and secure a refund of £7,000 for him. All the caller requested was his bank sort code and already knew who the resident banked with. When the resident replied that he would speak to the London Borough of Waltham forest re this the caller put the phone down.The caller rang from Tel number 01172020124 and this telephone number was found immediately on a google search and has been reported as a scam number . Please be careful when dealing with cold calls and always check the details given to you

11 February 2017 Residents and businesses in the following roads should have received today the consultation document on the new Walthamstow Stadium Controlled Parking Zone (cpz).  Although Ascham Drive, Fairview Gardens, Empress Parade and Salisbury Hall Gardens were not specifically named on the centre pages, they are included in the new proposals.  This is the opportunity to ensure the Council tailors the cpz to our requirements. Detailed below is feedback received so far:-

For Wadham Avenue, Wadham Road, Grove Park Avenue and Empress Avenue the proposed hours do not cover the inconveniences caused on a regular basis.

These are:-

Parking by CT plus staff - see planning permission hours of operation.   Operational hours of the cpz do not cover their evening staff/drivers.  It is understood that this bus depot is not working to full capacity yet.

Parking by Walthamstow Stadium residents/visitors.  Operational hours of the cpz do not cover those coming home from work or evening visitors.

Parking relating to the car dealership.  Operational hours of the cpz do not cover the opening times of this businesses.

Parking related to Arsenal Hale End Sports Ground which is not yet used to full capacity.  Operational hours do not cover parents dropping off/collecting children from the arsenal including visiting teams where parents often park and watch the football.  It is believed their operating hours are to 9pm.

There has been a suggestion that Wadham Road, Wadham Avenue, Grove Park Avenue and Emipress Avenue become a separate CPZ as there is nowhere for these roads to expand to and some issues relate purely to these roads.  There is potential on the other side of the stadium for cpz expansion in future and those roads have different needs.

Feedback so far from Rushcroft, Minerva and Loxham includes concern that parking from the school for evening events is not covered and a repeat of concerns regarding Walthamstow Stadium residents and visitors evening parking.  The 10-4pm does not cover the morning school runs.

No feedback has been received as yet from properties fronting Chingford Road however there has been some question as to why Salisbury Hall Gardens has been included when these properties have off street parking.

General points raised include;-

The form could have had a box next to the proposed operating hours letting residents suggest just times e.g your suggestion   from............  to ..........

Waltham Forest do not understand the commuting pattern in these roads because its not 10-4pm

Some residents were expecting the cost of the permits to be covered by the Walthamstow Stadium scheme at least for the 1st year. Councillors have been asked to find out about this.

Concerns that consultations for our area still being sent out/delivered during school holidays when this has been complained about before and we have requested holidays are avoided.

A meeting has been requested on the CPZ which will be detailed on our events page once details have been received.

Please visit the Campaign page for further information, questions and answers and advice on completing the consultation form.

January 2017

Welcome to 2017, the year when the Walthamstow Stadium development should be fully completed and occupied.  Works continue to Arsenal Hale End Sports Ground and are also due for completion later this year.  An extraordinary meeting will be scheduled this year to discuss the future of this Association.

NEWS - 2016

December 2016

Confirmation has been received today that Waltham Forest Council are preparing to consult with local residents with a view to bringing in a new Controlled Parking Zone or CPZ locally.  It is expected consultation letters will be delivered during December 2016.

November 2016

Car thieves are operating in the area please ensure your vehicles are locked and nothing is left in them

July 2016

Welcome to our new neighbours who have moved into the development on Walthamstow Stadium

March 2016

A local resident request LBWF ensure no GP service in Waltham Forest Closes, reduces services and opening times or makes any staff redundant at the full Council meeting on 4th March 2016. See campaign page

February 2016

Comments on planning application number 160092 regarding the former Wadham Garages area in Wadham Avenue are needed by Waltham Forest Planning Department no later than 21 days from 25th February 2016. 

The repainted double yellow lines in Empress Avenue E4 and Grove Park Avenue are enforceable.  Users are reminded to park courteously.

Jack Chandler brother of Phillip and grandson of the founder of Walthamstow Stadium died on 17th February 2016.  Our condolences to the family 

On 10th February 2016 Walthamstow Stadium Lights were turned on for ITV News. There was a countdown and cheers.  We were not invited.  It is expected they will be on regularly for a few hours each evening within the next two weeks.  We already have had some good comments and residents are pleased to see the lights and clock working again.

We have been advised that up to 60% of GPs in the borough are facing a funding/budget cut of between 29-30%    This could lead to some surgeries having to close.  LBWF have asked their Policy Team to have a look at this.  Media have been contacted.  Please support your GPs and help to keep our surgeries open.

January 2016

Welcome to 2106 in which the UK celebrates Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday.  If you wish LBWF to contribute to your street party please contact your local Councillors who may be able to provide money from the Ward Forum covering your area.

Walthamstow Stadium - work is well on its way.  The clock is now fully working and the neon lights were tested last week.  The neon has been set to the first original colours. Work continues.

Wadham Avenue -  we are awaiting details of final plans which are expected to change the former garage area into more housing with some parking.

Arsenal Hale End Sports Field - work is well on its way with tree planting to take place this year and a new path hopefully to the new gate in Grove Park Avenue once all agreed by LBWF.

Peugeot - The car dealership and workshop is open and fully operational.

HCT site - work is under way. Sadly no artifacts were found during the archeological dig.  The site is expected to be finished in a few months time.

Sainsburys and Holiday Inn Express remain part of our Association and all companies in Walthamstow Avenue are in regular communication with each other.

Our Association - WHAT NEXT - this is up to you.  Do you want it to continue and if so how. Let us know by emailing

Wishing you all the best for 2016.

NEWS - 2015

November 2015

November 2015

2nd November There is a planning committee hearing tomorrow night (yes short notice) but yet again co-ordinated so that those away for half term have no notice whatsoever so nothing new there.  Looks like L&Q want the S106 payments other agreements contained therein altered.   No skatepark, no climbing wall and possibly no sports facility.  Here are the links


March 2015

5th March -
Burst Water Main on the A406 near CostCo means water supplies in the E4 area are either totally switched off or running on extremely low pressure.   If you are desperate for water please bring your kettle and knock at 47 Empress Avenue where very limited supplies are available.

January 2015

31 January 2015 -
Walthamstow Stadium Leisure Loss - True or False - Can you Fathom this?

The developers responded to my request for information by saying there on ongoing discussions regarding the skate park and what will be provided in the Tote, reassuringly stating "but it is still a leisure facility".

LBWF have not answered my questions but want to meet to discuss the issues raised stating "there would seem to be a lot of mis-information floating around".

On the other hand LBWF had advised Cllr Moss that "L&Q put forward the proposal to not provide the facilities on site and we are still considering this aspect. The sum of £30k has been put forward as a contribution towards leisure provision elsewhere."

Meanwhile MP Stella Creasy has been informed that its now going back to planning as a change of variation and she is under the impression this will happen in March 2015.

We have heard nothing about the Trust that was to be set up and given £50k for 5 years since the planning hearing where the plans were passed.

Thanks to the few residents who braved the bitterly cold and miserable weather this morning.  Apologies that due to short notice we did not have time to inform all residents of the photo shoot.

30 January 2015 - Peugeot Site Visit 

I was invited to the Peugeot site where work has commenced.  They are pleased to be part of our Association and looking to a long relationship with us.  A website is being created and we will be given the link.  They hope to recruit locally and are happy to comply with noise free weekends.  We are asking for building noise free weeks one in July and one in August.  The developers have said by that time all work will be internal and therefore would not interfere with the local community.  Our request to have some artifacts from the archaeological dig was positively received and they are working to have a small display in their showroom once the development is completed.  The site is now totally separated from the neighbouring HCT site as you can see below which shows some of the foundations from the former Salisbury Hall Manor

29 January 2015

Waltham Forest Guardian have advised that Larkswood Ward Councillors met with L&Q last week and it appears there are no longer going to be any leisure facilities on the Walthamstow Stadium site.  Including no climbing wall or skate park.  Apparently LBWF has asked for the money that would have been spent on this to go towards Pool & Track.

Please help fight for leisure facilities within the stadium build by turning up for a photo opportunity at 10.30am outside Walthamstow Stadium this Saturday 31 January 2015.

Chair Gail Penfold is awaiting a response from the developers.

27 January 2015

On behalf of our Association the Chair has put in a formal stage 1 complaint having knocked on properties in Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue to find out who received original consultation letters and who received the letter dated 13 January 2015 advising on yellow line changes.  The councils reference number is Complaint Reference: ENQ-0377291.  It appears the person charged with delivering the letter dated 13 January 2015 failed only delivered to 3 properties in Empress Avenue and no one who answered the door in Grove Park Avenue has received this letter. 

23 January 2015 - Empress Avenue/Grove Park Avenue Parking/Yellow Lines
Residents have today been hand-delivered a letter dated 13 January 2015 stating the existing single yellow lines are all being replaced by double yellow lines. As no plans/drawings or proposals have ever been received, the Chair has contacted LBWF requesting the process be halted until proper consultation takes place and asking for copies of the proposal and plans in order that they can be uploaded to our website.  She has also suggested a face to face meeting with residents in the locality.  We will update you when we know more.

January 2015

The Chair and Committee members wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Work has commenced on the Peugeot build on the front part of the former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park.

The Holiday Inn Express restaurant is open.  Their General Manager has kindly given our Association a small discount for those member residents wishing to book an overnight stay at the Walthamstow Avenue Venue.  Please email with your name address, telephone number and dates of stay in order that we can process your discount request. Terms and conditions apply.

I am advised residents are yet to receive letters from LBWF regarding the planning application for Hale End Sports Field.

Message from the Chair

Thank you to everyone who is helping keep the Association running.  It has been a difficult year during which my health has deteriorated including a long term speech disability.  I will endeavour to hold a full meeting within the next four months at which time the future and direction of the Association will need to be decided.  We need committee members and anyone wishing to take on a role is asked to email   I wish you all the best for 2015.  Gail Penfold

NEWS - 2014

December 2014

Local building sites will be closed over the xmas period re-commencing work the 1st week in January 2015

November 2014  

Arsenal Hale End Sports Field Pre Planning Application plans

The Arsenal Hale End Sports Field has a new management team.  They will be putting in a planning application soon for major changes to the sports field.  These include removal of current spotlights with more spotlights in different positions.  Waterlows, the field opposite Grove Park Avenue properties will be fully utilised.  They layout is being changed and there will be more pitches.  It appears the site will be used more extensively than in the past.  Plans also include the planting of a number of trees.  The Arsenal also wish to use portable seating for spectators which have not previously been used on the site.

Please click on the link below which is a copy of the plans I have been given.  Please contact your Chair or email with your comments.

HaleEndSportsground planning2014.pdf

Please note these plans are subject to change.

Waltham Forest Small Business Competition update

The Chair is pleased to announce that Our Association were runners up in our category in the 2014 competition.  The category winner this year was Significant Seams to whom we send our congratulations.

Message from Chair, Gail Penfold

Some residents are aware I have been ill for a number of months.  Additionally over the last few months I have had little/no voice.  My vocal chords are damaged and my voice box remains swollen and I am currently awaiting speech therapy.

Thank you to all the residents and businesses that have been so supportive and given encouragement to keep the Association running during this difficult time.

I was able to whisper at the last full council meeting and have requested

a)  CCTV cameras for Empress Avenue/Grove Park Avenue
b)  a rethink and compensation on the Wadham Avenue Garages
c)  change to planning so that construction sites do not work on Saturday mornings or only allow a maximum of work on two saturdays per month
d)  Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue verges be turned in parking and the road widened.

Please see our events page, there are tickets for the Mayor's Waltham Forest Question Time and details on Heat or Eat scheme.

Our Association has been entered into the 2014 WFBN small business competition under their Social Enterprise category.  We were a finalist in their 2013 competition.

I am still liaising with the various sites being developed in the local area.  Please see the details below regarding Rushcroft Road water level concerns.

Rushcroft Road Garden Water level concerns

I have received the following information from Quadrant Construction to assist me with answering questions that my be asked by your residents. 

"The attenuation tanks have no affect on the standing water to the gardens of Rushcroft, this system will come into full affect once the project is in fully completed.

The level of the new buildings has no affect on the standing water in the Rushcroft Gardens.

Ground conditions are all different along the length of the Rushcroft properties and will all drain at different speeds.

The wall to the rear gardens is built and designed as a flood defence wall to stop flooding from the new development these gardens.

It has been recognised that these gardens have had issue with standing water in the past."

October 2014

Oxford Film and Television are currently making a documentary for BBC2 about Winston Churchill and the 1945 election,  Where you at the speech made by Winston Churchill at  Walthamstow Stadium in 1945?.  Their researcher would like a brief interview chat with anyone from the area who has a memory of the ‘45 election and might be able to help get a better overview of what public perception of Churchill was like in 1945 in the area and recollections of the speech / election campaign.

If you can help please contact or by phoning Chris on 0207 483 3637.
Filming starts the 2nd week in October 2014.

Arsenal Hale End Sports Field update

The chair is pleased to report that an agreement has been reached whereby machinery eg lawn mowing will no longer take place on Sundays. 

September 2014

Arsenal Hale End Sports Field update

The Chair has emailed requesting no machinery is operated on the field on Sundays and will update when a response is received.  

Donation Thanks

A big thank you to Quadrant Construction for donating £250 towards our Association.  The cheque has been made out and handed into the School where we hold our events for use for our hall hire and photocopying costs.

Wadham Avenue Garages - Council respond to formal complaint

Some residents in Wadham Avenue approached our Association regarding the way they had been treated over an issue with the garages.  Chair Gail Penfold gathered information and with the residents backing compiled a formal complaint.

Click on the links below to view the complaint and the LBWF response.

STAGE 1 complaint Wadham Garages sent to LBWF.docx

Wadham Ave garages LBWF stage 1 response.pdf

We need residents to email in to or contact the Chair to let her know whether or not you are satisfied with the response or whether you feel the matter needs to be taken further.

Summer 2014

Noise free weekend agreed with Quadrant Construction

Gail is pleased to announce that her request for a noise free bank holiday weekend has been agreed with Quadrant Construction.  Here is their response.

"We fully understand your residents needs for some peace and quiet, and as a goodwill gesture we will not work on site from the 23rd August to 25th August 2014. This will give everybody a nice three day break."

August 2014 local road closures

Access to Empress Avenue from 18-20 August will be from Grove Park Avenue ONLY.
Those parking in Empress Avenue & Grove Park Avenue will not be able to exit onto Chingford Road.  This is due to works relating to Walthamstow Stadium.

Sometime later in the month access to Wadham Road will be temporarily closed and those parking in Grove Park Avenue and Empress Avenue will only be able to enter/exit via Chingford Road.

Letters will be delivered giving full details prior to works commencing.

During this time Residents are asked to keep the turn around points in Empress Avenue and Grove Park Avenue clear of parked vehicles.

New Scam

If you have sky and get a telephone call saying your sky card is due to expire and asking to check your bank details PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THEM OUT no matter how persuasive or genuine the caller seems.

July 2014 Brief Update

Walthamstow Stadium L&Q Quadrant Construction main build.
Construction is well under way and they continue to liaise with me on a regular basis and with the local school.  Concerns have been raised regarding the following:-

Saturday working.  With the good weather now here, they will be working regularly on site until 1pm.  No work should be occurring mid afternoon again if you see this happening please let me know.  Management will investigate any breaches of hours.

Confirmation of fencing - I have been advised that a fence will be erected on the stadium side of the ching along the area adjacent to the Empress Avenue properties Walthamstow Stadium Car Park.

Stadium Car Park 
The site has now been hoarded off and fencing erecting separating the Peugeot and HCT land. The refuse left by the travellers has been fully cleared and excavation work has started in preparation for the archaeological dig and the Chair is now in contact with the Archaeological team.

Archaeological Dig open days former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park Peugeot Site

Site tours will be held at 10:30 and 14:30 on Wednesday 16th July and Wednesday 30th July and at 9:30 and 11:30 on Saturday 19th July. ASE's team will be on hand to explain the archaeological techniques used and to tell the story of the site as it is revealed. Finds from the site will be on display and visitors will have the opportunity to handle some of the objects found.

This investigation has been made possible by funding provided by Peugeot-Citroen Automobiles UK ahead of the construction of a new Peugeot-Citroen Dealership. GK Heritage, consultants for Peugeot-Citroen commissioned ASE to manage and implement the investigations.

You need to book in advance.  For more details see and click on the various headings.

Hale End (Arsenal) Sports Ground
Lawn seeding has been completed and various works are ongoing.  

Various Demolition/Construction related concerns raised by Association Members and Friends/Residents & Businesses

Dust - There have been a number of complaints regarding dust from the various works in the local area.  The London Borough of Waltham Forest is monitoring this and I continue to inform the various sites when complaints are raised.

Noise - Understandably with the good weather more of us have windows and doors open and the noise is more audible.  With long term works it can become wearing however we do ask for your patience.  Noise is monitored by the Local Authority.

Working Hours - Each site has hours that it can work within.  There can be times where for example deliveries of concrete do arrive late and these have to be unloaded.  Sites have been asked to contact me by text should they need to work past normal/agreed hours so that providing I have internet access I can update everyone on our website.

No member of construction staff should be working on any of the sites after 6pm and if this is the case please let me know so that I can inform management.  No construction work should be taking place in the evenings or on sundays on any of the sites so if you see this occurring please let me know by texting me on 07956 596358.

Annual General Meeting

It is hoped to hold this late September/early October dependent on health issues and availability of the current committee.   All developers will be invited to give an update.  Wishing you all a pleasant summer and thanking you for your understanding.

21 April 2014

Please see events page for details of Police event on 24 April thanks

1st April 2014

Due to bereavement and ill health, plans to hold the AGM in April have been postponed. Once a new date has been set residents within our area will be informed by newsletter.

Until usual service is resumed the Chair aims to respond to emails within 3 weeks of receipt and where possible keep the website updated.

31 March 2014

We have been asked to let our residents know of a peaceful protest being held on Wednesday 2nd April from 10 am till 12pm outside Healthwatchwalthamforest , Hoe Street, Unit 3, 137 Hoe Street, Walthamstow E17 4RT  please contact Sheema on 07810086789 or email to find out more or just turn up.

16 February 2014

The date for our AGM has been finalised and the venue secured.  According to our constitution, the current committee need to stand down and a new committee formed. 

Please contact if you are interested in being a committee member or standing for the posts of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.  If you are interested in helping in any way please let us know.

4 February 2014 

Chingford Academies Trust which is a combination of Rushcroft and Chingford Foundation Schools are seeking a Director and members for their governing body.  This is voluntary work and you do not have to be a parent of a child to apply.

Please see the attached document below for more information

Directors and Governors.docx

Due to work commitments our Treasurer has resigned but still remains on our committee as a member.  At a committee meeting the Chair was co-opted/voted to take over the role until our AGM in April

Welcome to 2014

December 2013

The Chair and Committee wish everyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas and for those who do not a very pleasant holiday.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year

Our latest newsletter will be delivered before Christmas.  You can also view it here

newsletter 5 December 2013 web.doc

5 Dec:  Travellers leave former Stadium Car Park

Landowners were swift to take action with Bailiffs and Police attending the former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park today.  All travellers had moved off the site by 3.30pm with work commencing to secure the site.

5 Dec 2.30pm  There are no current flood warnings for the River Ching.

November 2013

Travellers move onto former Stadium Car Park

Travellers have today (30 November 2013) moved onto the former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park which is owned by HCT.  Police, HCT and the Council have all been informed.  

Locksmith stickers are legitimate

The Chair was advised this evening by police that the stickers recently put on residents doors are legitimate advertising from a new locksmith who is just starting up a business and the telephone line has not yet been activated.  Please however be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious to police.

Views on stadium skatepark sought

We have been asked for local resident views on the skate park on top of the stadium car park. Do you support this use or are against a skate park.  If you have alternative suggestions please also let us know by 29 November 2013.  Responses please to

Burglar Alert - important please read

Burglars are marking homes with stickers advertising bogus locksmiths to identify properties as potential targets, police have warned.It is believed scouts visit houses to check whether anyone is at home during the day and levels of security, before placing a sticker containing the message ‘24/7 Locksmith’  and a phone number on the home if it is perceived to be vulnerable.Police are currently investigating a number of stickers placed on homes across Waltham Forest.

Roads in our area were targetted between 22nd and 24 November 2013.  Please be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious no matter how trivial it is to the police.

Read more and view example sticker here

October 2013

Police Appeals -  CAN YOU  HELP

There are two appeals for help.

Stabbing Selwyn Avenue E4

At Approximately 2000hrs on Wednesday 25 September 2013 a 26 year old white male was cycling home in Selwyn Avenue E4 when he was stopped by 5 suspects who pushed him to the ground and punched him.  He was then stabbed in the back and abdomen.  The suspects made off down Selwyn Avenue.

The victim managed to cycle back to his home address where family members took him to an East London Hospital.

The suspects are described as youths wearing hooded tops one being a black male wearing a beige hooded top and one described as being Turkish.  

Enquiries are ongoing.

No arrests have been made so far.  The victim has now been discharged from hospital and is recovering from this serious assault.

Anyone with information is requested to contact A/DS Anderson at Waltham Forest Custody Centre on 0203 276 0971 quoting crime reference number 4920156/13.

Alternatively you can contact police on 101 or call crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111

Attack at the Billet Road Underpass

Have a look at the CCTV images on the Waltham Forest Guardian story.  Do you know anyone in the CCTV clips if so please contact the Police on 101 or Crimestoppers for free on 0800 555111

You can view all Waltham Forest police appeals here

15 October 2013

We would like to reassure residents that metal has not been stolen.  Quadrant Construction have commenced removal of the red and white decorative metal to Walthamstow Stadium.  It appears we may not have been successful in getting agreement for these together with the integral lights to be re-sighted on the building once works have been completed.

Committee members have an opportunity to meet with L&Q and Quadrant Construction on 21st October 2013 and again in mid December 2013.  If any residents have issues they would like raised, please email us at or use our website contact form.

5 October 2013 Quadrant Construction 3rd Newsletter

Please use the link below to read the latest newletter on the Walthamstow Stadium development


September 2013
25 September 2013

Oakwoods have asked me to advise the residents that back onto the River Ching that the hammering will be finished by 10am tomorrow.  Oakwoods thank you for your patience and understanding.  

Today friends and relatives said goodbye to Angie who passed away on 13 September 2013 aged 46.  We thank the workers in Walthamstow Stadium for showing their respect by halting noisy work whilst the cortege was present.

6 September 2013

We are now able to announce that Notice was served today on the remaining Travellers on the former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park with a Court Hearing scheduled for Thursday. We understand negotiations to move the second site have already commenced

Committee Members were under no illusions as to the possible outcomes once they had moved on site.  The travellers expected the normal hostility, prejudice and confrontation they encounter on a regular basis. Our Association took steps to break that mould.  This unusual and unexpected approach was well received by the travellers who took time to listen.

The Association's aims included minimising impact and maintaining community cohesion.  This involved direct liaison with the travellers, the landowners, local businesses, Police, Councillors and Waltham Forest Council.  

Many of the travellers moved off the site of their own accord within the timescales discussed prior to any formal notice being served. This removed the excessive cost, confrontation and animosity that are inevitable with a forced eviction of large numbers of people.

Gail Penfold, Chair of Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association said "I am pleased the travellers decided not to make this a long term stay which could have seriously compromised the historical/archaeological integrity of the site.  We continue to maintain a good working relationship with HCT, the site owners and to work on behalf of all members of our Association".
Lloyd Richards - Treasurer had this to say "We acted upon the concerns of many of our residents.  Taking no action was not an option. This is a great example of what meaningful dialogue can achieve.  Whatever the final clear up cost to HCT, it has been minimised.  We appreciate the travellers keeping to their agreement in leaving quickly.  It is not often situations like this are resolved in this way.  As an Association our goal was to bring this situation to a close as peacefully and quickly as possible.  Gail Penfold, as Chair of our Association was central to this aim."

3 September 2013
New Policing Model and Contacts

Please click on the links below for the leaflet that is being delivered to all premises in the North Neighbourhood Cluster entitled Waltham Forest North and the presentation on the new Policing Model.  Both these documents give important information on changes that occur from 16 September 2013

Waltham Forest North - final version.pdf

Local Policing Model at Waltham Forest.pdf

12 September 2013

Gail Penfold reports from the Waltham Forest New Policing Model meeting.

The new policing model goes live on 16 September 2013.

Each ward will have one dedicated PC and one dedicated PCSO.  Ward Panels will remain and meet regularly.  

The police have split Waltham Forest into three "clusters"

Roads in our association come under the NORTH NEIGHBOURHOOD CLUSTER headed by Inspector Denise Canderton.  Officers will mainly be based at Chingford Police Station.  Our cluster has 6 sergeants and a team of PCs and PCSOs.  One of these sergeants will be responsible for the ward we live in but will not be based at the police ward bases.

Over the next two weeks you should receive a leaflet through your door giving you details of the changes.  When we get one, we will place it on the website.

Across the met there will be 100 contact points where members of the public can make non urgent reports face to face, hand in lost property and collect property found.

Chingford Police station will remain our 24 hour front counter point and there will be 
3 other contact points in Waltham Forest.  Our next nearest is in Forest Road and will be open for an hour 3 times a week.

Every victim of crime will get a personal visit should they want one.  In Waltham Forest this will either be one of the SNT team or emergency response team.

12 September - Stadium Update
The south stand has now been deconstructed and the North Stand is now very visible from the alleyway between Empress Avenue and Chingford Road.  This new view will be enjoyed only for a short time as deconstruction on the North Stand will occur later this year.

There is a public meeting tonight on the New Policing model, see our events page for further details.

10 September 2013

Chair Gail Penfold met with the travellers who have moved onto the former Stadium Car Park.  According to our constitution the travellers automatically become members of our association for the period they stay/live on the car park site.  It was agreed they would respect the local area and community.

9 September 2013

Travellers have moved onto the former Walthamstow Stadium Car Park.  Residents are advised as always to report anything suspicious to police.

September 2013
There will be a new view of the North Stand for those travelling along the alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road E4.

Hoarding is in place along the alleyway with hoarding being erected soon along the front of the Stadium itself.

The south stand has been substantially demolished.  Below is a photograph taking during deconstruction.  Work has proceeded well with only a minor number of complaints mainly relating to dust and properties shaking. 

August 2013


Quadrant Construction (L&Q's contractor on its Walthamstow Stadium development) is ready to put safety hoardings up near Rushcroft Sports College and the Southern Walkway (alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road) and this will start happening on 12th August 2013.

Quadrant Construction have spoken to Rushcroft Sports College and the college is happy for the hoardings to go up.  This this will happen during the school holidays for added convenience. After the hoardings have gone up, the Southern Walkway will be open for use, with one path for both cyclists and pedestrians - a better alternative than closing the path down altogether.

July 2013
LBWF consultation on dogs

Consultation on Police Stop and Search Powers

Please see the following link to the consultation document.  the consultation runs from 2nd July 2013 to 13 August 2013

June 2013
28 June 2013 Quadrant Construction 2nd Newsletter

See link below:-

Stadium Newsletter 2 July 2013.pdf

26 June 2013
Residents from Empress Avenue met with Ian Davey Operations Director and David Greenstreet Senior Project Manager from Quadrant Construction and member of staff from Pellings.  Councillor John Moss and Councillor Paul Douglas also attended.

The meeting gave residents an opportunity to ask questions about the deconstruction/demolition
of the stands backing onto Empress Avenue and the alleyway.

Residents were informed that works would start with the south west stand near Chingford Road week commencing 1st July 2013 followed by the South Stand which backs onto Empress Avenue would be deconstructed shortly and take approximately 6-10 weeks.

It was agreed that Quadrant Construction would keep the Association Chair updated so information could be put on the website.

It was confirmed that the alleyway would become narrower but not permanently closed and that at times when works were taking place there would be controlled temporary closures with staff at each end to ensure the safety of residents, only allowing them to pass through once it is safe to do so.

It was agreed that Councillor Paul Douglas and Association Chair Gail Penfold would discuss fencing with London and Quadrant

18 June 2013 - see column on right for notes of 1st meeting with L&Q & Quadrant Construction

17 June 2013

Residents from Rushcroft Road and Fairview Villas whose property backs onto the stadium met with Councillor John Moss to discuss concerns.  Ian Davey Operations Director and David Greenstreet Senior Project Manager from Quadrant Construction attended.

Quadrant Construction are responsible for the deconstruction/demolition and new build. They take iinstruction from L&Q.  Plans of the rear fence were shown and residents had the opportunity to ask questions both in the general meeting and individually afterwards.

Residents were informed that the South Stand which backs onto Empress Avenue would be the first to be deconstructed.  This is made mainly of concrete.  The foundations to these stands would remain.  The second stage would be the stands, which are mainly of steel construction backing onto Rushcroft Road.  The third stage would be in the area of the tote.

It was agreed that Quadrant Construction would keep the Association Chair updated so information could be put on the website and that a newsletter would be distributed prior to the commencement of deconstruction.

Thanks to all who attended.  The committee hopes you found the meeting helpful.

15 June 2013

Quadrant Construction removed the remaining flags and flagpoles.  These have been put into storage.  It is unknown whether these will be put back once the build has finished.  The Association has asked for these to be part of the final design.  The decision will be made by LBWF, L&Q and English Heritage.

12 June 2013

A second flag and flagpole went missing overnight.  The culprit is urged to return these as a matter of urgency and residents are asked to keep their eyes peeled.

11 June 2013

A mystery currently surrounds the disappearance of the Union Jack Flag and Flagpole that took centre stage on the upper part of the Walthamstow Stadium listed building.

The flag & pole were last seen in situ on Monday 10 June 2013 but had been removed at some point between 10 June and 7pm on 11 June 2013.  Can you narrow down the time???

We are currently awaiting information from L&Q as to whether this has been removed by workers on site or whether it has been stolen.

If it has been stolen it is possible the theft would have been caught on CCTV camera.  We ask that the pole and flag are returned immediately to their rightful home.

10 June 2013

Walthamstow Stadium update

Oakwood Demolition moved onto Walthamstow Stadium site today.  Chair Gail Penfold will be meeting with the L&Q Development Team this week and hopes to update residents with a schedule of work soon.

Meanwhile some residents in Empress Avenue E4 have started to receive letters today from Pellings who act on behalf of L&Q with regard to Party Wall agreements.  Residents are urged to obtain their own independent Party Wall Surveyors

02 June 2013

Phased works are starting on Hale End Sports Field

The work currently programmed at Hale End does not involve demolition. The development is phased and the existing pavilion building will remain in place until the new facility is complete.
Claremont Refurbishment are the construction company appointed by the Club and their contact details are as follows:
Claremont 73-75 Hook Road, Surbiton. Surrey KT6 5AF
020 8391 4844 Steve Pittam- Contract Manager
Site Agent - Lawrence Woods    07900 917839

Works start on Walthamstow Stadium 3 June 2013

L&Q have given the following contact details for the duration of the works

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the construction works on site with the Quadrant Construction team, call our Project Manager, David Greenstreet, on 07785 570304.

You can email
or by letter to Quadrant Construction, 10 Grove Crescent Road, Stratford, London, E15 1BJ

If you have questions about any other aspect of the Walthamstow Stadium development, contact L&Q, through their website


23 May 2013

L&Q start work 3rd June on Walthamstow Stadium see their 1st newsletter below


21 May 2013

Message from Cllr John Moss regarding Party Wall

Cllr John Moss has asked us to pass this message on to all residents affected by the Walthamstow Stadium development

"Re Party Wall surveyors

The law is clear. If your property is affected, an independent surveyor is employed by the person carrying out the works to determine what works should be done, how and what protection is required to the properties affected.  The owners of properties affected may accept the appointment of the independent surveyor, or appoint their own. If they appoint their own, then that person is also independent (ie they act in the interests of no party specifically, but to agree the correct approach) and if they cannot agree with the first surveyor, then a third is appointed to arbitrate. Their decision is final.  All properties should have had a condition survey done in advance of demolition works starting.  In all cases, the fees are borne by the party promoting the development, ie in this case, L&Q.  Please circulate to your members and any other residents.  John Moss  
call me: - 07970 731 826       email me: -"

Empress Avenue natural nature reserve destroyed

Residents were not consulted before LBWF instructed contractors to remove trees, shrubs and plants from the area backing onto Hale End Sports Field.

Supposedly a natural conservation area it is being demolished and will be replaced by turf and bollards to stop vehicles mounting the verge.

Local residents are unhappy that they not been consulted on any of the works and when individuals have asked for alternative works to be carried out the reasons for not doing so were given that it was a natural conservation area and could not be altered.

Apparently some rare plants including deadly nightshade are amongst the casualties.  A member of staff from LBWF advised that the area of land up to the Hale End Sports Field Fence is public highway and LBWF have a duty to maintain the area.

Double yellow lines planned for part of Empress Avenue E4????

We are waiting on further information as apparently this area of Empress Avenue will also have double yellow lines.

7 May 2013 Oakwood Demolition told to move off Walthamstow Stadium

Some residents initially contacted our Association yesterday when it appeared work was starting on the Walthamstow Stadium site.  There were reports of large machinery and diggers working and equipment and containers being positioned within the site.  Our Chair contacted L&Q and took photos.    Below is our response to media enquiries received following a press release L&Q.

We thank those residents who contacted us when Oakwood moved in and ask you all to keep us informed.  We will continue to liaise with L&Q and keep residents updated.

In response to the news item on our website and to press enquiries relating to the following L&Q statement

An L&Q spokesperson said: “Ahead of work beginning on site, one of our sub- contractors has placed some cabins on the Walthamstow Stadium site. We have not yet started work. We look forward to informing local residents of the start date for the project, which we hope will be within the next few weeks.”

Gail Penfold Chair of Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association said "We are liaising with L&Q and have been advised that Oakwood Demolition went on site prematurely.  L&Q have assured us that this is now being rectified.  We understand L&Q have instructed Oakwood Demolition to leave the site and ensure that works are not commenced before residents are notified.  A newsletter will be delivered to local residents within the next two weeks and a copy, once received will be put on our website. 

16 May 2013

Oakwood Demolition have today moved into the Walthamstow Stadium Site and the first containers and diggers on site some of which can now be seen from Chingford Road.  Our Chair is currently awaiting an update from L&Q as it was understood newsletters would go out to residents prior to any activity on site.

9 May 2013

Access to Charlie Chans granted and last photographs taken


1 May 2013

Last photographs of Walthamstow Stadium taken.   Thanks to L&Q who managed to rescue a few souvenirs including the neon diner sign that our Chair has asked be displayed in the new Cafe once built.


22 April 2013

This evening we held our first Annual General Meeting.  Although turnout was far less than usual we are pleased to announce a unanimous vote for our association to continue in its current format.

In accordance with our constitution the previous committee was stood down and we are pleased to announce details of our  2013-2014 Committee.

Chair -----------------------------Gail Penfold
Vice Chair (new position)  Gavin Jones
Treasurer ---------------------   Lloyd Richards
Joint Secretary -------------   Jane Saban and Latchmin Singh

eneral Committee Members and Street Representatives

Gill Leadbetter
Harjit Patti

General/Occasional Volunteers/Helpers

Pamela Fleisch

Work to commence on Hale End Sports Field

Work will commence on Hale End Sports Field in June.  Richard Marshall advised those attending the AGM that revised planning permission had been passed by LBWF back in October 2012 using delegated powers and work was currently scheduled to start week commencing 3 June 2013 and finish by May 2014.  The Association will be provided with details of named staff and a point of contact during the works.

Association Recognition

We are thrilled to announce our Association was a Finalist of the Waltham Forest Small Business Competition 2013 in the category Social Enterprise/Charity.

This month we have represented local residents at the London Fire Brigade Consultation and will be attending the Chapel End Ward Forum.  Our AGM is being held towards the end of the Month and newsletters and nomination forms have been distributed to all members.

March 2013

Scam Awareness Message from Metropolitan Police
Safer Neighbourhoods Teams (SNTs) across Waltham Forest are urging elderly residents to avoid falling foul of con artists who use courier firms to help defraud victims of their life savings. 

Courier fraud is a method fraudsters use to take victims' money from their bank accounts by conning them into handing over their bank card to a courier, who delivers it to the suspect.

The method varies slightly from case to case but essentially the victim is telephoned by a suspect who alleges to be someone of authority, for example a police officer or someone from their bank or the Serious Fraud Office. The suspect tells the victim there is a problem with their bank account - usually that it has been compromised. They are told that their card must be collected.

To convince the victim that they are genuine, the fraudster instructs the victim to hang up and call the police, bank or Serious Fraud Office on a genuine number. But the fraudster does not disconnect, and while the victim thinks they are making a new call they are in fact still connected to the suspect who again pretends to be a person of authority.

Having tricked the victim into believing they are who they say they are, the suspect convinces the victim to reveal their PIN. They then send a usually unwitting courier or taxi driver to the victim's house to collect their bank card. The victim will usually have been instructed to wrap it up and put it in an envelope. The card is delivered to a second
suspect, who then passes it on to the fraudster who made the call. The fraudster then empties the victim's bank account.
Crime prevention measures:
·        Police and banks will never ask for your PIN or bank card
·        Never give your PIN or bank card to anyone
·        If you are contacted by someone who asks for your PIN or bank card, hang up
·        Use a different line to report it to police on 101 or allow at least five minutes for the line to automatically clear. Call 999 if the crime is in action.
Between 01 January 2011 and 31 December 2012 there were 2,229 reports of courier
fraud, including unsuccessful attempts across London.

Waltham Forest was the 12th worst hit borough with 65 incidence reported in this period.

January 2013

24 January 2013

Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association are devastated that we are unable to proceed with Judicial Review.

The professional advice received included "It is true that the Mayor’s consideration is poorly reasoned." and went on to say "There are procedural faults in the Council’s processes which are unattractive."

Chair Gail Penfold said that due to the complexity of the case, the costs involved are prohibitive.  We have been unable to secure Community Funding and just dont have the £50k to £100k that such action would cost.

We thank Saunders Solicitors, Alun Jones QC, and Shaun Wallace for their commitment, hard work and time spent trying to assist us all of which was given free of charge.

Once the build has been completed we will welcome the new residents into our community and they automatically become members of our association.

With funding the Chair truly believes we could have been successful at the High Court.

L&Qs original selling point related to the long housing waiting lists in LBWF.  It is a shame that once completed the development wont even put a dent in the ever increasing numbers of homeless people in our Borough. 

23 January 2013

Thames Water have completed their works, there should be no more interruption to local water supplies.

22 January 2013

6.40pm Some properties now have water.  Please keep some water handy in case the supply is turned off again.

1.55pm Some properties within our Association area currently have no water supply.  This is due to Thames Water operatives working to repair a burst main at the junction of Chingford Road and Empress Avenue.  A message from Thames Water reads;  We apologise to customers who currently have no water or low pressure this is due to a burst main on Chingford Road E4.? Our Engineers are working to fix this as soon as possible.

18 January 2013

A local water leak has meant some residents have lost water pressure and there is a possibility that Thames Water may have to turn off the supply locally to some roads within our residents association.  We are suggesting that local residents fill containers with water as a precautionary measure. Please let your neighbours know, especially the more senior & elderly members of our community, as not everyone has internet access, thank you.  We hope everyone remains accident free during the snow and icy weather.

14 January 2013

Planning Fixing by LBWF Labour Chief Whip - Our Associations concerns were valid

See the Waltham Forest Guardian related story here:-

On 8 May 2012 in our Planning Speeches for Walthamstow Stadium it was stated that

"that one resident is still waiting for a response from a labour councilor, having been told answers and comments could not be given before speaking to the chief whip."

Councillor Barnett dismissed such allegations at the planning hearing and refuted any suggestion of "whipping" and impropriety.

This latest news article makes us even more determined to continue with the Judicial Review route.

Here is the link to the relevant LBWF documents & investigation report

10 January 2013

LBWF Consultation on South Chingford

We have today received an email advising that a Consultation by LBWF commenced in NOVEMBER 2012 (over two months ago) and ends on 31 January 2013.

To have your say contact Meera Kumar (, 020 8496 5592.

Once we have full information we will, if feasible post this on our website.

December 2012

20th December 2012

The River Ching is on Flood alert from the Environment Agency.  At midday today Environment Agency Staff again attended to clear the trash grille behind Walthamstow Stadium where the river was near to overflowing.

Hale End Sports field has started to flood

Peter May Sports Fields are flooding and have so much water that the excess is now running across the alleyway into the Ching Brook.

Please take the usual precautions especially if you back onto the River Ching.

18 December 2012

The December newsletter is currently being distributed.  Mrs Penfold and the Committee send Seasons Greeting and wish you all peaceful and pleasant holiday.

November 2012

28 November 2012

A decision on Walthamstow Stadium Car Park HCT Bus Depot planning application is expected from the Mayor's Office on/around 5th December 2012.  Residents are urged to write or contact the Mayor's Office/GLA with any representations they have.

12 November 2012

Latest National Guardian article

10th November 2012

A big thank you to everyone who signed forms, donated and attended the event outside Walthamstow Stadium this afternoon. 

Three sets of documentation were signed One backing the return of Walthamstow Stadium in its previous form, led by Save our Stow and further action being taken

One backing further action to be taken, led by Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association and a joint document calling for investigation into wasting of public/taxpayer money.

Luckily the forecasted rain held off and bearing in mind it wasnt weather that we would expect our elderly residents to stand around in and that local people were participating in the Lord Mayors' show which is such an important annual event, and other large events including those relating to Malala Yousufzai,the E17 popupKitchen and the Waltham Forest Football Club match against Chatham Town (we won 4-2), the turnout was good.

Group photos were taking whilst the queues of people waiting to sign the documents and make donations grew.

Celebrities included Teddy Sher
ingham, Vicky Michelle and Lousie Michelle.  Many local councillors attended and we are grateful for their continued support.

Iain Duncan-Smith announced he was meeting with Eric Pickles on Tuesday. We have asked him to ensure that everything possible that can be done will be actioned.  We have also asked him to convey our concerns over the way LBWF acted so quickly preventing Eric Pickles from taking any

It is heartwarming to know that there is still substantial support that still exists against the L&Q planned build.  Bearing in mind the Stadium closed over 4 years ago to see and hear from so many still prepared to fight and support campaigns shows just how much people care about this wonderful iconic and historical landmark.

Film Crews and Journalists both local and further afield took time to
talk to those present and record the event.

Concern was also raised by a number of people on
how dilapidated the listed buildings look.  It
is a shame the paint is peeling, moss and weeds are growing where they shouldnt and concerns were raised over whether this is being done deliberately so that there will be no choice in the future but for it to be knocked down.

The Committee and I wish to thank everyone who attended signed documents and donated. Thank you to the Celebrities that took time to support us, speak, give autographs and have photos with local residents. For famous people to take time out to join us is greatly appreciated. Thanks too to the
Metropolitan Police for ensuring our event was a safe and peaceful one.

Whilst local people wish us to continue fighting against the current L&Q planned build we will do our best to ensure that what local people want is what is actually put in our local area.

We call on all resid
ents who are against the planned L&Q build and if you were not happy with the decisions made, make sure your voice is heard and email and  They need to know we havent given up.

Both Eric Pickles and Mayor Boris Johnson will
be included, along with London Borough of Waltham Forest in our Judicial Review documentation.

Photos to follow

6th November 2012

Update from Save our Stow.  Mark Wright from the Only Way is Essex and Teddy Sheringham will be attending the rally this Saturday 1pm outside Walthamstow Stadium.

We have today received a response from LBWF to our courtesy email advising them that we are starting Judicial Review.

nov 6 LBWF judicial review courtesy email response.pdf

We have also informed Eric Pickles and Mayor Johnson of our intention to include them in the Judicial Review proceedings.

The "Letter before Claim" which has to be submitted as part of the Judicial Review protocol has been started and a copy will be posted on here when it has been formally sent.

Latest news stories from both the local and National Guardian Newspapers can be read here

2nd November 2012 - Anger at LBWF tactics on Walthamstow Stadium

The following is an extract from and email received from a case officer in Eric Pickles department.

was in contact with the GLA this morning to obtain documentation relating to the Mayor's decision. I then later contacted Waltham Forest Council. I was informed by the case officer that the Council issued their formal grant of planning permission yesterday and a copy is attached for information. Whilst this was issued extremely quickly after the Mayor's decision to non-intervene was issued on 30 October 2012, the Council were within their rights to do so. What this means, however, is that once a decision notice is issued by a Council, the Secretary of State has no powers to consider call-in (it is only in the period up to the issue of the decision notice). "

This seems to show that
the Secretary of State's office had not been given all the documentation they needed in order to respond to the Mayor's decision.

As the Mayor's document stated I am content to allow Waltham Forest Council to determine the case itself, subject to any action the Secretary of State may take .................

London Borough of Waltham Forest do not appear to have allowed the Secretary of State any time to make a decision or even receive all the documents needed to make an informed decision.

were led to believe that there were 21 days from the date of the Mayor's decision for the Secretary of State to respond to the Mayor's decision yet LBWF issued the notice within 48 hours of the association chair receiving the decision letter and documentation.

Read the notice below

lbwf approval notice stadium.pdf

Rally Saturday 10th November 2012 - 1pm outside Walthamstow Stadium

Residents who are unhappy with the plans that L&Q submitted for Walthamstow Stadium are invited to meet outside Walthamstow Stadium on Saturday 10th November 2012 at 1pm.

If you dont want the build & design that L&Q have submitted, please attend.
If you feel your views havent been listened to, please turn up.

This is a peaceful gathering and families and children are welcome to attend.  Children form part of our community and we want to ensure their future needs and safety are met too.

This is residents opportunity to show national media and the government local feelings and individual reactions to the Mayor's decision on Walthamstow Stadium and what local residents want to happen in the locality.

This is an opportunity to show Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government that you want him to take action.

There will be an opportunity for residents to write letters to Eric Pickles asking him to call in the site.  You are also welcome to bring along pre written letters in sealed envelopes with first class stamps and these will all either be posted recorded delivery or hand delivered to ensure your views are heard.

If you have a message you want to get across relating to Walthamstow Stadium bring a placard or banner with your message on it

Message examples can be found on our campaign page.

For some local residents this is NOT about a return to greyhound racing but about inappropriate development that will impact daily on local residents lives.

Save our Stow will also be campaigning and if you want the stadium returned to Greyhound racing you are welcome to join in with them.

Councillors and MPS have also been invited to join us, giving you a further opportunity to speak to them.

01 November - Mayor's letter and decision documents available below

Click on the link below to find the 2 page letter from Boris Johnson and scroll down further to get the decision documents.

Iain Duncan Smith MP and Stella Creasy MP said in a joint statement:

"We are deeply disappointed in the Mayor of London as we understood him to be in support of the dog track and our constituents voted for him partly on this basis. This isn't over yet - we are taking the matter to Eric Pickles now."

mayors decision documents.pdf

Residents are welcome to email Eric Pickles directly to
Make sure you include your name and address in all your correspondence
with the Secretary of State.

A sample letter is below by all means use some or all of it or write your own.

“Dear Mr Pickles,

I’m writing to you as a concerned taxpayer and as a local resident who will be affected by the plans to ask you to exercise your power as Secretary of State or Communities and Local Government to call in the decision by Waltham Forest Council and the Mayor of London to approve planning for Walthamstow Stadium Chingford Road E4 to be turned into an inappropriate housing estate which is too dense and too high compared to the surrounding properties and the suburban area in which it is sited.

I also believe this development raises serious questions of national importance about value for money to the taxpayer.

In particular, I am deeply troubled by the evidence that this development will lose money
for L&Q – who receive public subsidy as a registered social landlord- given their own viability assessment which they sought to keep out of the public domain shows a loss of £14m. Furthermore, the nature of the section 106 agreement for this proposal is also unclear and there is a lack of any social housing in this development. despite being in an area with a need for such properties.

Without scrutiny I am concerned that if this development goes ahead it may set a new and troubling precedent on questions of value for money for housing, not just in
Chingford but across the country. The existence of a viable alternative that is in keeping with the heritage of this site and would provide not only leisure facilities but also housing and living wage.

Jobs further compounds the concerns I and others have about the decision to approve

L&Q’s plans.  As someone who has previously shown a strong interest in this development, please urgently exercise your power as Secretary of State to call in this decision to ensure the public purse is not at risk from this proposal.

You listened to local residents on the local Banbury Park, Billet Road site which you called in, we hope you will listen to and help local residents in creating something that better compliments our area.

I look forward to a positive response and thank you for help in investigating these matters.


October 2012

30 October - Mayor fails local residents

Boris Johnson could have rejected the L&Q plans for the Walthamstow Stadium Site.  There were certainly grounds for refusal including the fact that it does meet part of the London Plan.  He did not reject the plans.

He could have called in the site and reduced the height of some of the buildings to better protect existing residents but he didnt.

Within the document (which will be uploaded on our website by the weekend) he refers
"creating new jobs and homes many of which will be affordable....."
Unless things have changed substantially and again we as residents have not been made aware, the affordable and social housing is severely lacking in the L&Q plans, therefore his statement makes no sense.

He visited Spitalfields and had an open hearing on that site, yet the decision on Walthamstow Stadium which he didnt visit was held behind closed doors.

He even states he believes it will "provide a major boost for Walthamstow".  It just shows you how much interest he actually took, otherwise he would realise the site is actually in Chingford.

He also makes a point of mentioning that no viable plan has been put forward relating to dog racing.  Well the fact is, that as the site already is a dog racing stadium, no planning permission would actually need to be put in, to keep it in its current format.

18 October - L
&Q Viability Report on Walthamstow Stadium reveals losses

The attached document that LBWF said was commercially sensitive and that residents were not allowed to see confirms rumours that the scheme would make a loss.  In previous meetings there was reference to concern over the possible use of taxpayers hard earned money and public money.  It appears that residents were right to be concerned

L&Q's Stow Viability Assessment.pdf

The Waltham Forest Guardian story on this lists losses in excess of
24 million do not include changes to the plans including the flood prevention/reduction work  made after the viability report was written .  You can read their story here

The date for Mayor Boris Johnson to make a final decision has been changed and now falls bang in the middle of half term school holidays, the day before HalloweenA request has been submitted asking that the decision is not made during our borough's half term.  The decision to delay the date is reported as due to the Mayor's holiday commitments.

A request has been submitted asking for an investigation into what the Mayor has called this "public purse scandal".

Walthamstow Stadium Section 106 payments revealed

See the Walthamstow Guardian article here:-

New link to Walthamstow Stadium documents

The following link has been emailed to us and it is understood that this now contains the final documents sent for the stage 2 decision to be made.

Chief Whip suspended

Here is the link to the news story from Waltham Forest Guardian.  Those of you that attended the Planning Committee Hearing for Walthamstow Stadium in May 2012 may remember that part of our speech included reference to the Chief Whip.  You can find our speech on the campaign page.

Stadium viability document disclosure update

According to Inside Housing, LBWF will be disclosing the viability document and not contesting the Information Commissioner's Officer report/decision.  You can read about it here

Full details of the report/decision can be found under September news

Waltham Forest Police are appealing for witnesses following an ABH in E17.
On Thursday 27 September 2012 at approximately 14:30hrs, a 43-year-old man was walking his dog on a lead in the forest area near Beacontree Avenue E17, when his dog was attacked by a Japanese Akita type dog who was not on a lead.

The victim was concerned about his dog’s welfare and tried to push the Akita type off his dog with his feet. The owner of the Akita type dog then came running over shouting at the victim asking him why he was kicking his dog. The victim attempted to explain but the suspect
pushed him to the floor causing bruising to his right elbow. Afterwards the suspect and the victim walked off in opposite directions.   

The victim took his pet which is a Lhasa Apso type dog to the vet who found a small cut to the dogs back and slight bruising. The treatment cost £80.
The suspect is described as a black male, aged between 20 to 25-years-old roughly 6’ tall wearing dark tracksuit bottoms. He was walking a large Japanese Akita type dog with light coloured fur.     

Police are appealing for people to be cautious around loose dogs. Anyone with

information about this incident can contact DC Rebecca Woodsford on 0203 276 0966, or alternatively to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

September 2012

Viability on Walthamstow Stadium Can be disclosed

As local residents will know well, Waltham Forest Council repeatedly stated the viability on L&Q plans for Walthamstow Stadium could not be disclosed as it was commercially sensitive information.

It appears that this information could and should have been disclosed.

Save our Stow campaigners took the matter to the Information Commissioner's Office who have now ordered the council to release the data after saying it would not harm any "economic interests".

The Information Commisioner's Office report said: "The council has failed to demonstrate that the withheld information engages the exceptions relating to the course of justice and the confidentiality of commercial ... information. 

The decision given on 27th September 2012 is:-

"The Commissioner requires the public authority to take the following steps to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Disclose to the complainant an unredacted version of the viability assessment.

The public authority must take these steps within 35 calendar days of the date of this decision notice."

You can view a full copy of the ICO decision documentation here:-

ICO Decision Notice.pdf

You can view the full Walthamstow Stadium Guardian article here:-

"The commissioner does not consider that it has been shown that
disclosure of the information would adversely affect the economic
interests of L&Q."

SOS campaigner Ricky Holloway said: "It's the biggest victory that we've had during the whole four-year campaign.

"They have shown what the council was doing was wrong, and that it's
in the public interest to show whether this is a huge loss of taxpayers'

"This could be one of the biggest wastes of taxpayers' money in
history. We look forward with great interest to receiving the viability

L&Q hopes to build a 294-home housing estate on the former dog
track but has met opposition from groups which either do not want to see
the blocks of flats built or support a rival bid which includes a
greyhound racing track.

L&Q's proposals were passed by the authority earlier this year but
still await a date for Mayor of London Boris Johnson to approve them.

Mr Johnson has stated that the viability of the development would be a major factor in his decision.

Chingford MP Iain Duncan Smith said he hoped the mayor would take the figures into account when they are released.

“I welcome this decision as it is important for my constituents to
know what the viability assessment amounted to, as well as what
assumptions L&Q made to arrive at it," he added.

"I cannot understand what they had to hide and urge them to release
the assessment this week and not drag it out to delay the publication.”

The council must now provide the viability figures within 35 days, or can lodge an appeal.

An L&Q spokesman said: “We maintain that this viability assessment
is commercially sensitive. It is a normal part of the planning process
for developers to submit commercial information to planning authorities,
which both parties acknowledge may be of a confidential or sensitive

“As a not-for-profit housing association, L&Q makes long-term
investments to generate a surplus that is re-invested in new and
existing affordable homes, and services for the people who live in them.

“Our plans will deliver a £50m iconic development which preserves the
heritage of the Walthamstow Stadium site and provides around 300 new
homes, a modern sports centre run by the community for the community, a
children’s nursery and allotments, as well as more than 250 jobs to meet
the needs of local people.”

The Guardian has approached the council for comment.

Click here to follow the Chingford Guardian on Twitter

Click here to follow the Waltham Forest Guardian on Twitter

Can you help - incident Empress Avenue E4?

Did you see a woman in Empress Avenue on Tuesday 11th September 2012 sometime between 9pm and 9.30pm.  Police are looking for a white female with a drawn face who cruelly took advantage of one of our neighbours generosity and then stole from them.

Did anyone knock on your door asking you to sponsor them?

Please contact DC Raderin or DC Mills on 020 3276 0961 or 020 3276 0945

Please warn your neighbours that con artists and burglars are active and to be very wary of strangers and cold callers.  Always call the Police if you are concerned by using 101.  Please be safe.

Walthamstow Stadium Car Park - Peugeot build

The decision on this will be made on 12 September 2012 at the planning committee meeting 7.30pm London Borough of Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, E17.

Details can be found in the document below:-

Car park opposite dog Stadium-peugeot1.pdf

You can view all the documentation for this hearing here

Hale End Sports Field - Environment Agency Object to original plans

The Environment Agency have objected to the original plans submitted on the grounds that the residential accommodation was a vulnerable use category within the designated flood plan.  It should be noted that there is already residential accommodation on the site which would have been removed and replaced by a separate building to include a housekeepers flat and 6 double bedrooms.  It is understood that revised plans will be submitted removing the residential accommodation to ensure the remainder of the plans are approved.

Here is a copy of the Environment Agency letter.  It is to be noted that the Environment Agency state they are still in consultation and their response may change.

sports ground EA Reply - NE 2012 115024 02 (2).pdf

It is understood that revised plans will be submitted removing the residential accommodation to ensure that any Environment Agency objection is removed and that the remaineder of the plans are approved.

August 2012

Updates from Police August 2012

Scam alert & more - Dear Neighbourhood Link members,  Waltham Forest Police wish to make you aware of the following scams and to view the pictures on the link provided.  Please let your friends and families know.

2 males sought by police following robbery in E11

Waltham Forest CID has released images of two individuals police would like to speak to in relation to a robbery outside Lloyds TSB bank on High Road Leytonstone.

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 at approximately 13:00hrs, the 30 year-old male victim was using the cash point machine outside the bank when he was approached by two suspects. One of the suspects distracted the victim whilst the second suspect took his bank card. The victim was assaulted prior to the suspects making off in an unknown direction.

Detective Inspector David Spencer said: "The Robbery Burglary Squad at Waltham Forest Police are keen to catch this pair of robbers who struck on Leytonstone High Street in broad daylight last week. They have a pretty distinctive appearance with one of them wearing a 'Team GB' hat. If you know who they are please contact Waltham
Forest Police or Crimestoppers urgently."
Please visit the following link to view images of the suspects:
Anyone with information about the individuals pictured is asked to contact Waltham
Forest Robbery & Burglary squad on 020 3276 0944 quoting the reference number J/0058/50/12. Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

Scam 1
Local people have been receiving phone calls out of the blue supposedly from “Microsoft” or “Windows” saying there is a problem with their computers and offering to “help”.
 These calls are not legitimate. If you give them access, they will “disturb”  your system and then demand money to “fix” the problems.  Meanwhile, they may be looking for files to upload (e.g related to your bank account).  If you get one of these calls, which may come from overseas, just hang up.
Thank you

Scam 2 - recent event where scammers targeted a vulnerable resident on the borough.
On Friday 2 August 2012 a man knocked on the front door of the female victim’s home. On opening the door, the man informed her that he was there to assist her with regards to her neighbour’s solar panels leaking into the walls of her home. He then told her that if she wanted her walls repaired she would need to provide her contact number to enable someone to call her to advise her on how to get her walls repaired.
On providing the man with her phone number she soon received a call. The caller informed her that her walls would need to be dried out with a de-humidifier and they would do all the repairs for £3600. The victim informed the caller that she did not have that sort of money, so the caller asked her how much she could get in an hour and she replied £1000.   The caller then said he would arrange for a taxi and call her back.
The caller rang back but fortunately on this occasion, after taking advice
from her neighbour who explained to her that the call was a scam as
solar panels do not leak, said she was not interested.
Crime Prevention Advice:
WalthamForest Police would like to inform you that bogus callers succeed because they sound believable, so don't be fooled. Make sure in your own mind that they are whom they claim to be by following these simple steps: 

Think before you open the door - use your chain and spy hole or look out of the window to see if you recognise them.

Ask callers for proof of identity. Genuine tradesmen should carry an identification card with their photograph on. Check this carefully. If you are unsure, telephone the company the caller claims to represent. The Utilities now offer a password identification system. Any caller from one of these companies should be able to give a pre-arranged password as additional proof of identity.

Beware of callers who attempt to distract you by claiming that they have seen something untoward in your rear garden or somewhere which may encourage you to leave your house - they may have an accomplice awaiting this distraction.  If you are not convinced of the identity of the caller, don't let them in. Ask the caller to come back later and arrange for a friend, relative or neighbour to be present on their return or ask the caller to contact this person. 

Treat every stranger with caution.If you are still worried, dial 999 immediately and ask for the police.

August 2012

Dont forget the Paralympic Torch relay - see events page

Walthamstow Stadium has a brand new set of flags courtesy of London & Quadrant.

A new community BMX track had its official launch on 11th August. It is based at the Cheney Row Open Space (E17 5ED)  This new track is now open to the community, free of charge.  The East London Bicycle Organisation (ELBO) will be delivering weekly BMX coaching sessions for anyone looking to gain more experience. Click on the link below for more details.


Be Vigilant please. There has been an increase in burglaries on Chapel End and Larkswood Wards according to police reports.  Please be extra vigilant and report in anything even slightly suspicious.  Remember, no matter how trivial it may seem to you, it may be important.

16 July 2012

Walthamstow Stadium still entertaining the public

Viewers of the new BBC Series Twenty Twelve can watch the clip relating to Walthamstow Stadium by clicking on the link.  The stadium featured in Series 2 episode 5 entitled quite appropriately Catastrophisation.

You are welcome to watch the whole episode or fast forward to 24 minutes to see the start of the Walthamstow Stadium sketch.

This just proves that even though Walthamstow Stadium is "closed for business" and has be shut for nearly 4 years, it still has an audience and entertainment value.

5 July 2012 (uploaded 12 July to our website)

Metropolitan Police Borough Commander Mark Collins details on Safer Neighbourhood Policing in Waltham Forest during the Olympics.  Please click on the link below

30 June 2012

A big thank you to Sainsbury's in Walthamstow Avenue who today donated Union Jack cups, plates, tablecloths and England hats and blowers for our first ever social event.  These goods would have cost us £60.00.  Thank you Kevin, Bhavin, Geoff, Jack and Mike for arranging this for us.

Items donated by Sainsburys, Walthamstow Avenue

Amy a former Sainsbury's Walthamstow Avenue employee also kindly delivered 5 boxes of the England Tableware reduced to 10p per item (see picture below), transferring the stock so that we could purchase it.  This also saved us a fortune.

We applied to LBWF for £2,750 in funding and were granted £1,250 from Valley Ward, £200 from Larkswood Ward and £200 from Chapel End Ward for our Olympic/jubilee "street party" which is our first ever social event.

The savings made due Sainsbury's generosity and price drops mean we can now arrange for a bouncy castle at our event.   Thank you so much Sainsbury's.

          Geoff        Jack           Gail           Kevin
with tableware donation, promoting the olympic mascots

28 May 2012

Officers from the Greater London Assembly (GLA) Mayor's Office spent over two hours visiting the Association area and speaking to residents this morning. 

They were taken on a fact finding tour of the local area which encompassed Loxham Road all the way through to Wadham Road and Wadham Avenue and included the alleyway between Cavendish Road and Empress Avenue. 

Larkswood & Valley Safer Neighbourhood Team Sergeant Tony Howe, Councillor Nick Buckmaster & James O'Rourke accompanied the tour which covered various planning application sites - the former Harley Davidson showroom, Walthamstow Stadium, the former Stadium Car Park, Arsenal Hale End Sports Ground and the Banbury Park site on Billet Road.

They thanked residents for their hospitality and useful information.

25 May 2012

Edwin Northover has resigned as Councillor on Larkswood Ward

16 May 2012

Planning permission was granted by LBWF for HCT to put a bus depot and associated buildings on the rear of the former Stadium Car Park.  We await the 2nd stage processes to be completed and will update you in due course.

14 May 2012 Incident Walthamstow Stadium

This morning a Security Guard was attacked in Walthamstow Stadium.  He has been taken to hospital. 

Did you see anything unusual - a vehicle not normally parked, a person or people walk or rush by you, that you havent seen before.

Did you hear anything.  Please contact the police or you can send the information to us at and we will pass information on.

We wish him a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with his family.

Email from Stella Creasy

I’m sending you this email as someone who has contacted me about the future of the Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium.
It tells you how you can object to plans to turn this land into a housing
estate and instead help the campaign for a better future for this area
by emailing the Mayor of London – please also share this email with friends and family in both Walthamstow and London to ask them to help our campaign.

You can also find information about this campaign and this letter on my website here: 

With your help we can make the case for a better future for Walthamstow Greyhound Stadium!  

Best wishes 
Stella Creasy

10 May 2012 - Various

Walthamstow Stadium Car Park

The HCT planning application will be heard on 16th May 2012 at 7.30pm at Walthamstow Town Hall, Council Chambers, Forest Road Walthamstow London E17.  Please attend and support your speakers.

You can view the Officer's report here

Just scroll down to deferred application and click on the various documents listed

Alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road

Residents were horrified to see the terrible new "safety wire" around the Ching culvert which overhangs the public cyclepath.

This has been reported to the Planning Enforcement Team and Highway Enforcement for appropriate action to be taken.

Stadium Planning Hearing 8th May

Walthamstow Stadium Planning Committee Approved L&Qs plans on 8th May. These will now be forwarded to the GLA and Mayor for the second stage of the process.  We will keep you updated.  Further details are on our Campaign pages.

More Party on the Pitch tickets available

See our Events page for details

10 April 2012 - Child Snatcher Alert

Waltham Forest Guardian reports a man tried to abduct a child in Stoneydown Park.  Please be extra vigilant when visiting parks.  A guardian reader has also posted they read a similar story in Harlow Newspaper recently.  BE VIGILANT and REPORT anything SUSPICIOUS

Local resident "wins" Party on Pitch Birthday Present

A member of our group who wishes to remain anonymous is absolutely thrilled to bits to have been allocated tickets for the LBWF Party on the Pitch on 19th May 2012.

An email sent to us says "What a fabulous way to celebrate my birthday I am thrilled to bits and so excited"

Our association has applied for tickets and you can apply individually by using the following link for all of the Waltham Forest Big 6 events

Vehicle Number Plate thefts on the increase

Theft of number plates in the area covered by our association apparently are on the increase.  Please keep your eyes peeled for suspicious activity and dial 999.


LBWF is in the process of sending out letters to residents on the two car park planning applications.  If you originally put in any comment/concern or objection you need to do this again. 


We now have confirmation from LBWF that the planning applications submitted by L&Q will be heard on Tuesday 8th May 2012.  We hope that residents will support us by attending this hearing.

Jubilee Year Royal Visit 29 March 2012 Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
and Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh visit  at Waltham Forest Town Hall

We hope you enjoy these photos taken on the day the Queen visited and that all attending had a pleasant experience.  Well done to the Guard of Honour which included Explorer Scouts, Scouts Metropolitan Police Volunteer Cadets and other uniformed youth organisations.  School Children from the borough appeared to have a fabulous time.

Our website designer Robert Penfold one of the Guard of Honour

View from Farnan Avenue showing large crowds at entrance

children, sea scouts police, explorers all enjoying the sun

We cannot yet confirm Stadium L&Q Planning Date

We understand Waltham Forest Guardian have given the date of 8 May 2012.  We are currently awaiting confirmation of this from the London Borough of Waltham Forest and will update as soon as we can.

Result of Planning hearing for Walthamstow Stadium Car Park Bus Depot

The application for the bus depot was deferred by the Planning Committee at the meeting held on Tuesday 27 March.

We asked LBWF to defer this because the Officer's report was incomplete, there were residents who had submitted comments/concerns/objections that were not within the Officer's report and are believed to have been lost, including a letter and petition from Christ the King Church and its parishoners and also because English Heritage, Police and Fire Brigade had not been consulted.

We are pleased that LBWF listened to our concerns and look forward to these matters being rectified.

We have invited Hackney Community Transport to our next meeting to give them an opportunity to present their plans and answer questions.

Burglary Prevention Advice from the Metropolitan Police

copy and paste the link below

Metropolitan Police Update Officers - Seize Uninsured Vehicles
Thursday, 22 March, 2012 16:25

Safer Neighbourhoods Team Officers Conduct Operation Hawk
On Wednesday 14th March 2012 Wood Street Safer Neighbourhoods Team
(SNT) joined Chapel End SNT on Chingford Road E17 for Operation Hawk.
Operation Hawk is a renewed emphasis on local Safer Neighbourhoods
Teams tackling local crime problems with local community intelligence.
The objective of the operation was to engage with students from Sir
George Monoux College and also to carry out checks on drivers suspected
of driving with no insurance or licence.
During the operation numerous people were stopped including two for
drug related offences. Three vehicles were also seized for no
insurance. A driver of one vehicle was also dealt with for driving
without insurance.
Sergeant Paul Gibb said “ Communities are likely
to see more operational activity like this from their local Safer
Neighbourhoods Teams. I urge the public to tell us about who is
committing crime or disorder in the area and it will be dealt with”
To speak to your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team about who is committing crime or anti-social behaviour in your area visit In an emergency always dial 999

You can also pass on confidential information through our Committee or by emailing

Stadium Car Park Application 2011/0278 Committee date 27 March 2012

The application for the Stadium Car Park relating to single, double decker and minibuses, offices, workshop, bus wash and fuelling area will be heard on 27 March 2012 by LBWF Planning Committee.

The recommendation according to the website is for the application to be "approved with conditions informatives".

Update - The Committee has been asked to represent local residents at this hearing and taking up the point that has been raised a lot over the last two weeks that some residents who will be affected have not been consulted.  It is also understood there has been some misinterpretation of what the site was being used for.

We can now clarify that this is not a 9-6pm Monday to Friday only operation.

For more information use the following link

Go to the bottom of the page and then click on "open the list of documents related to this application"

Message from your local Police - New Card Fraud Telephone Scam

In the news today (07/03/12) it was stated that card fraud has fallen to
its lowest level in 11 years. This is positive news. However, we want to
highlight the need to be ever vigilant to new and existing card fraud
scams such as the one detailed below.  
How does this scam work?
You receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be from your bank. He or she will say their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on your card or that your card is due to expire and needs replacing.

You may be asked to ring back using the telephone number on the back of your
card - which further convinces you that the call is genuine. However,
the caller keeps the line open at their end so, when you make the call,
you are unknowingly connected straight back to the fraudster. 

Then, by seeming to offer assistance, the fraudster tries to gain your trust. In
most cases you are asked to ‘cancel’ your existing card or ‘activate’
or ‘authorise’ a replacement card by keying your PIN into the handset of
your phone.

The  fraudster then poses as a bank representative who agrees to collect your
card from your home, sometimes offering you a replacement card, which
is a fake. 

In some  cases a genuine courier company is hired to pick up the card from your
home address. The victim will have been asked to place the card into an
envelope ready for collection. Once they have your card and PIN the
fraudster uses them to spend your money.

A variation of the scam involves the fraudster ringing a prospective
victim and claiming to be from the police – again with the aim of going
to the victim’s home to collect the card and PIN.

What can I do to avoid being a victim of this scam?

Neither your bank nor the police would ever ring you and state that they are
coming to your home to pick up your card, so never hand it over to anyone who comes to collect it.Your bank will NEVER ask you to authorise anything by entering your PIN into the telephone handset.NEVER share your PIN with anyone – the only times you should use your PIN is at a cash machine or when you use a chip and PIN machine in a shop /

I think I might have been a victim of this scam - what should I do? 

If the criminals are nearby ring the Police immediately on 999, otherwise report the crime to your local Police via 101.

If you think you have been the victim of a fraud or scam of this nature you
should also call your bank or card company immediately

Free Stall Walthamstow Market - Are you interested?

A huge physical regeneration scheme including new electricity points and lights, along the whole 1km length of the pedestrianised street market, is taking place. The market has also received fresh new branding and a dedicated new website.

The council is now  creating an exciting hub for new traders at the St James Street end of the marketd

The new stretch of market will be called ‘Saturdays at St James Street‘.  On every Saturday from 31st March 2012 there will be an array of new and different stalls, including street-food, ethnic food, antiques, upcycled products, retro, vintage, arts, crafts and gifts…

If you are interested in one of the pitches use the following links

Applications are now open for 3 months free rent and a further 3 months half-price rent for one of these new market stalls / spaces. The applications are open to all, though they want something new and different, and the council has highlighted the kinds of stalls which are already over sufficiently provided for on this

Sports Fields adjacent to Empress Avenue - Arsenal Football Club Academy Hale End Sports Centre

A meeting was held on Tuesday 21st February at 7pm in the 1st floor meeting area of the main building at the Hale End Sports Centre.

Residents were shown outline plans of the area where they wish to put new buildings and re-
assured that there would be no reduction in the pitches on the site.  They are looking to upgrade existing buildings and extend them.  They have been asked for documentation and description to add to our website so that anyone who couldnt attend can have sight of the plans.  You have a further opportunity to view the outline plans at the residents meeting on 28th February 2012.

New Planning Application for "Banbury Park" Submitted - Kimberley Industrial Estate & Billet Works,Billet Road E17

A new application has been submitted for a mixed-use re-development comprising  of 6; 2-5 storey buildings.  They will provide 344 residential units 1119sqm office space, 496sqm community forum and creche,  787sqm retail space and landscaping works including Linear Park. There will be associated highways alterations. 

The scheme will provide 293 car parking spaces & 696 cycle spaces.

The proposed land use section of the LBWF website states "Business, Drinking establishments, Dwelling houses, Financial and professional services, Hot food take-aways, Non-residential institutions, Restaurants and cafes, Shops"

You can view the related documents by copying and pasting the following:-

Competition for small businesses in Waltham Forest

Competition launched to find the best small businesses in the borough. Organised by the Waltham Forest Women in Business group, The six categories in the contest are-  Start-up Business of the Year  (under 2 years trading), Retail Business of the Year Creative Business of the Year, Social Enterprise/ Charity of the Year, Professional Service Provider of the Year, Food &/or Drinks Business of the Year.

You can nominate your own organisation/charity etc. More details here:-

The deadline for entries is March 30.

Olympic campsite at George Monoux Chingford Road?

According to Waltham Forest Guardian we are set for an influx of tourists who will camp on the George Monoux field next to Waltham Forest Pool and Track

See here for more details:-

4th February 2012 - New Library opening times

Leyton, Leytonstone and North Chingford Libraries
Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, Saturday, 9am-6pm, Sunday, 12noon-4pm

Walthamstow Library
Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm, Saturday, 9am-6pm, Sunday, 10am-4pm

Hale End Library
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 10am-6pm, Saturday, 10am-4pm

Higham Hill Library
Monday, Thursday, Friday, 10am-6pm, Saturday, 10am-4pm

Lea Bridge Library
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 10am-6pm, Saturday, 10am-4pm

Wood Street Library
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, 10am-6pm     Saturday, 10am-4pm

2nd February 2012 

According to a tweet from Cllr Thom Goddard Waltham Forest is now part of a scheme to ensure homeless within our borough don't freeze to death over the winter period by sleeping rough.
More on the "No second night out scheme" and how residents can help can be found here

If you are concerned about someone sleeping rough, you can call us on 0870 383 3333 or use the web link above to send your concerns through their online form.