Notes of the 1st Stadium Development meeting held on 13 June 2013 with Association Chair Gail Penfold, L&Q and Quadrant Construction


Walthamstow Stadium Area Residents/Community Association (GP)

Gail Penfold             Chair

L&Q (L&Q) and Quadrant Construction (QC)

Ian Davey                Operations Director (QC)

Liz Cunningham       Resident Services Manager (L&Q)

David Greenstreet,   Senior Project Manager (QC)

Hayley Keyte            Project Manager (L&Q)

Matthew Harris         Press and Public Affairs Officer (L&Q)

Laura Cravitz           Neighbourhood Services Officer (L&Q)

Chris Newton           RS Team Leader (L&Q)



01.  Current Works

Oakwood Construction are currenting soft stripping.  The pre-demolition conditions 27, 32 and 5 have been cleared and demolition can start. 

QC have not been given permission to use the front grass area so staff facilities and parking will be kept within the site near Charlie Chans.  A Hoarding Licence has been applied for however there was an agreement that the front of the listed building would not be obstructed.  GP suggested clear perspex hoarding as an alternative. QC stated that for H&S reasons it is in the publics interest to have a hoarding line in front of the Tote.

ACTIONS  QC to advise GP to be advised of actual demolition date start date prior to commencement. GP to ensure this information is put on website.  QC/L&Q to produce and distribute newsletter prior to deconstruction to Empress Avenue, Rushcroft Road and relevant properties fronting Chingford Road. QC to update on front hoarding licence

 02.  Rushcroft Road - Pelling Letters and works

The letters received by certain Rushcroft Road residents relate to Party Wall agreements.  Only 11 properties did not instruct an independent surveyor so L&Q have appointed an independent Chartered Surveyor (not Pellings) for those properties.

In response to questions regarding use and alterations to residents gardens it was explained that scaffolding would be erected.  In general terms, the scaffolding would be enclosed in material and there would be a set of Heras Fencing creating a safety zone. It was explained that there would be no conformity due to the individuality of each garden. 

DG stressed that agreements were currently being drawn up property by property and once finalised, the details would be put in would be put in writing to each property individually.

It was stressed that with the safety measures put in place there was no risk at all to residents playing & using their gardens for the duration of the deconstruction,

DG and ID agreed to join the meeting Monday 17 June 2013 on the grass area junction of Rushcroft and Ascham Drive at 7pm. 

GP was advised that their plans for the replacement wall would be a 1.8 metre high construction. The bottom half being buff brick with the top being a wooden closedboard lap fence meeting secured by design.  This could not be changed as it is part of the planning permission granted.

GP raised concerns over relationships due to rumours relating to L&Q possible court action against certain residents.  L&Q explained that in one instance there is land that has at some point been acquired but is integral to the development and a way forward needed to be found.  This was discussed. GP offered Association assistance to liaise. L&Q advised this matter is between L&Q and the individual.

L&Q advised that one of the gaps where a house will be built, will be used as access for the scaffolding lorries needed for the Rushcroft Road scaffolding, both when it is being put up and when it is being taken down. The tree is also to be removed.

ACTIONS L&Q to finalise and send out letters to property relating to final agreements rear gardens.  DG and ID to attend meeting 17 June 2013, L&Q to advise GP once all agreement/statement letters sent to Rushcroft Road and Fairview Villas residents. L&Q to request Association liaison with specific residents if/as required.  L&Q to advise prior to scaffolding lorries using Rushcroft Road.

03.  Empress Avenue - Pelling Letters and works

GP advised that some Empress Avenue residents had received letters from Pellings this week and asked those present to explain the purpose of the letters.

It was confirmed these letters are different to Rushcroft Road etc letters and in Empress Avenue these were to allow access for a condition survey.  It was explained in most cases that scaffolding, enclosed in sheeting would go along the river bank

GP was advised that in some cases gardens in Empress Avenue extended beyond their designated area as per land registry records with some having no fence or boundary wall prior to reaching the River Ching.  L&Q advised they would not be taking any legal action on this.

GP pointed out some responses to these letters would not be received within a two week period giving reasons.

ACTIONS GP to leaflet Empress Avenue residents

04.  Asbestos and Hazardous Waste removal methods

GP was advised that the only hazardous waste on site found to date is Asbestos and that in real terms the overall amount of asbestos compared to the size of the site was small.

DG explained in simple terms how the asbestos would be removed.  That the affected areas would be completely enclosed and advised that once removed the areas would be monitored using specialist devices.  The enclosures only dismantled once no evidence of asbestos in the atmosphere was detected.

05.  Newsletters

Newsletters will be produced as necessary throughout the scheme. The next newsletter will be distributed prior to deconstruction.  ACTIONS L&Q to send GP draft  for information and once finalised GP to continue ensure newsletters are put on the website.


06.  Schedule of Works (long term)

Demolition, provided there are no complications during the works is expected to take approximately 20 weeks.  More than one area may be demolished at the same time. The following durations (in no particular order) were confirmed:-

South Stand - 6 weeks     South West Stand - 4 weeks       North Stand - 9 weeks

Track&lighting - 4 weeks  Tote & some kennels - 3 weeks  Crush/clear debris -7 weeks

DG advised there would be two cranes in the middle of the site and possible two other cranes.  That the gating would be moved inwards to prevent lorries queuing onto Chingford Road and that entry to the site would be monitored.

Hoarding would be put up in two locations one set near the end of Rushcroft Road turning the corner alongside the school.  The other set would be along the alleyway between Empress Avenue and Cavendish Road to the site end.  The hoarding would not fully block the alleyway and when works in the immediate area take place pedestrian and cycle traffic will be controlled by a member of site staff at each end.

It was expected the hoarding would be in place for approximately 3 years.

There was not expected to be an increase in construction traffic on Rushcroft Road apart from the scaffolding lorries.  No construction traffic should enter Empress Avenue and the scaffolding for that area would be done with the lorries inside the site, not in Empress Avenue.

GP suggested a competition to decorate them.  L&Q/QC to discuss.

ACTIONS L&Q to keep GP updated in good time so there are no nasty surprises for residents. L&Q/QC to discuss hoarding decoration competition etc


07-09.  Revised plans -  Rooftop car park and top railings and what is new

GP advised that residents still had not seen final plans and suggested these be put up somewhere, perhaps on a hoarding.  L&Q advised this was being discussed.

GP explained she had been advised that the skate park was not going ahead and asked how L&Q proposed to consult/obtain alternative suggestions. 

L&Q advised that because it was included in the planning permission that at the moment the skate park is staying and there was resistance from LBWF to change this but they were trying to negotiate.  L&Q agreed GP to be  notified of meetings regarding this.

L&Q stated that various suggestions had been given to Cllr Moss.  GP advised that the local community needed to be involved in this and suggested an "ideas competition" with prizes for best ideas (regardless of whether they come to fruition).

GP pointed out residents would like the top railings and white lights to remain rather than something modern.  L&Q pointed out that English Heritage wanted the building returned to the 1920s and there could be resistance and that the plans stipulated removal.  GP advised that although it was included in the plans, L&Q had the facility to leave these on and removal did not have to occur, that she had confirmation of this in writing from LBWF that they could stay in situ without having to go back through full planning but a variation may be needed.  GP offered to assist in progressing this with LBWF if L&Q agreed.

L&Q pointed out that there were questions over whether the neon lights were staying and that they were in discussion with English Heritage as to what was actually listed and had to stay and what was not listed.

L&Q advised that the flags and poles would be taken down to prevent further theft & stored but were uncertain as to whether they would be put back at the end of the scheme.  GP pointed out that residents were thrilled when the new flags went up last year and that they were an asset and showed inclusivity.  HK stated that there could be problems with some residents asking why their countries flag was not flying.  There was some discussion about the possibility of additional flags being put around the site.

MH pointed out that the wishes of the residents moving into the site would need to be considered, not just those of current residents.  GP explained that once the new residents had moved it, the aim was one cohesive community, not a "them and us" scenario.

GP thought If the building was changed too much it would look like a bland white canvass with the likelihood of it turning into a "magnet for graffitti artists".  If however the flags and top railings and neon remained there would be more respect for the historical landmark and less vandalism likely.

ACTIONS L&Q to discuss and advise on possibility of a competition. L&Q to decide on displaying plans on the hoarding . L & Q will continue to advise GP on current status of discussions with the planners.

10.  Communication and out of hours contact

GP & QC to liaise.  GP ,QC and L&Q to meet every 3 months for the duration of the works.  There should be no need for out of hours contact.

L&Q are liaising with Rushcroft  College who also want to run some joint projects.  GP advised that not all pupils locally go to Rushcroft and consideration given to include these pupils too.

GP stressed the importance of keeping residents updated in a timely manner and ensuring there were no "nasty surprises".  It was understood by both sides that at times there would be last minute news that may not be well received but agreed that in such situations communication was vital so messages could be passed out quickly.

ACTIONS GP to give L&Q dates to avoid in September.  L&Q to update GP of start date.  GP to put updates on website.  L&Q to arrange venue, date and time of next meeting.  L&Q to consider inclusivity of all local children.


11. Jobs

Jobs were discussed.  L&Q explained that there would not be 250 permanent jobs and that not all of the jobs would be with L&Q.  They clarified that their reference to jobs was for jobs within the community not working for L&Q.  These would mainly be with sub contractors and within the commercial buildings on site such as the café, nursery and sports facility once finished.

GP detailed the reasoning behind the expectation that jobs would be advertised on the Association website. 

ID explained they use one company for their apprenticeship scheme called Red 10.  It was agreed that something could be put on our website relating to these at the appropriate time.  ACTION  Details to be finalised. i.e a website link

12.  Hours of work on site


Generally this will be 8am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.  This could occasionally extend to as late as 7pm for example if mixed concrete remained unlaid by 5.30pm.  The works would need to continue until that batch had been laid.

There would be no working on Sundays or Bank Holidays

Saturday working would vary.  It was confirmed that L&Q would not work every Saturday however where this needed to take place the hours would be 8am-1pm

ACTIONS GP to advise L&Q when special events such as Street Parties are taking place.


13.  Car Parking for employees/subcontractors

Parking will be inside the site for the time being.  When this is no longer viable there are various options available.  ACTIONS This topic to be revisited in two years time dependent on speed of deconstruction and build.

14.  Photographs and Recordings

L&Q advised they would be recording the transformation and that at the end, this would be edited and a final record created.  No other recordings would be allowed.

It was agreed that the occasional photograph could be sent to GP for inclusion on the Association website. These to be taken by QC staff.  It was agreed that if GP was allowed in to photograph periodically and they refused others this could cause problems and be unfair.

L&Q acknowledged the importance of people understanding what was happening on the other side of their properties and receiving updated information.

ACTIONS L&Q to provide occasional photographs


15.  Date of next meeting

September 2013 - TBA